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Energy Sessions


Activation sessions

All healing is self healing.
When we receive energy activation, we're empowered to make the necessary changes to heal ourselves

The first step is a

Activate the blueprint of your Spiritual DNA, including your innate gifts, higher purpose and contracts and increases the flow of spiritual light into your physical body.

The benefits of Life Activation are greatly enhanced when followed by

Enhance the Spirit, Soul, Body connection to experience more flow from the DNA Activation

*Life Activation Required*

Align your central core with your Higher Purpose

Activate and purify your creative, life force energy

 Healing Sessions

Energy healing sessions help support and integrate the positive shifts from the Activation sessions

Restore the pieces of a broken heart and birth a new emotional body from your restored heart center

*Life Activation required*

Etheric Reconstruction

Clear and heal subconscious programming that is stopping the flow of your Higher Self

Starseed Healing

Attune your energy to the universal harmonic frequency

UnifiedChakra Awakening

Return the expanded chakra system to it's fully awakened state

Ensofic Reiki

Receive the healing light of Source energy

Three part series to align with the original ray of creation

Aura Clearing
& Crystal Healing

Clear the aura of negative energy and allow the healing power of crystals to soothe your body, mind, and soul

Crystal Rites

Powerfully unwind programs of negativity within your body, mind, and energy field

Clearing Sessions

When we're healing, we're more ready to let go of negativity and open up the space for greater expansion

Negative energy removal, emotional cord cutting, Purification by Light and Good Spell Casting

This mini session is included in all full length sessions but can also be booked as  stand alone

Shamanic Aura Clearing

Deep energetic exfoliation of negative energy being held in the layers of the aura

Egyptian 7 Layer
Aura Healing

A Ritual for Manifestation that clears the aura to allow your manifestation to come through to the physical


Receive insights and guidance on your healing journey 

Crystal Reading

Access the pure wisdom of the 7th Spiritual Dimension and receive guidance on your higher path of healing

Purpose of Life Reading

Learn your life purpose directly from your Spiritual DNA

Distance Healings

In case you aren't able to come in to receive your session, their are distance sessions available

Spark of Life

Ignite your inner will power to overcome major mental, emotional and physical stress

Ensofic Reiki

Receive the healing energy of Source wherever is needed

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