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Healing Sessions

Generally, the first session is Life Activation.

All sessions, with the exception of distance sessions, are done in person, are two hours long and a $350 investment (unless otherwise noted); with a minimum $175 deposit due at booking and remaining $175 due at the time of session.

Not sure where to start?

There is a $50 consultation fee, and if you decide to receive a session, that $50 will be applied to your session cost.

Healing Packages

Packages range from 1-5 months and include monthly healing sessions, classes, weekly zoom checkins, monthly private meditations & unlimited texts

Spiritual Activations

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Life Activation 

Activate your Spiritual DNA

*Full Energy Clearing Included*


Fire Soul Infusion

Ignite your Passion for living

your highest potential

*Life Activation required*

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Full Spirit Activation

Activate the Soul to connect Spirit to Physical

*Life Activation Required*


Core Will Infusion

Reorient your life toward your Higher Purpose

*Life Activation required*

Mental, Emotional & Physical Healing

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Ensofic Reiki

Complete mental, emotional, physical & spiritual healing 


Ensofic Ray

3 part healing series to realign with the original ray of Creation ($250/session)

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Crystal Aura Healing

Clear the Aura and infuse energy body with healing crystals 

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Etheric Reconstruction

Surgically remove negative thought patterns and belief systems ($450)

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Crystal Rites

Gently unwind negative thoughts & beliefs from our mental & emotional bodies

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Isis Healing

Restore a broken heart & birth a new emotional body

*Life Activation Required*

Negative Energy Clearing

Egyptian aura healing.png

Egyptian Aura Clearing

Clear the 7 layers of the aura and infuse with energy for specific manifestation

Energy Clearing.png

Full Energy Clearing

Negative Energy Removal,  Cord Cutting, Purification & Good Spell Casting ($150)


Shamanic Aura Clearing

Deeply cleanse and purify all stuck, stagnant and negative energy


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Purpose of Life

Access your Spiritual DNA and receive insight to your Life & Greater Purpose

*Life & Full Spirit Activations Required*

crystal reading.png



Access the 7th Spiritual Dimension for clarity on specific questions

Distance Healings

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Spark of Life

Restore the Will. Good for major depression, and recovery from major trauma, surgery & illness ($250)

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Distance Reiki

Bask in the healing and realigning original Ray of Light ($250)

"I feel calmer now and more confident.

My anxiety has gone from a 10 to about a 4. I had one panic attack the other night … and I sat there and something was just different about how I handled it. I quit smoking. I’m now more intuitive to my actions and getting through my day more smoothly. Before I was an anxious mess, having outbursts and feeling way overly frustrated with everything but now everything is different."

-Victoria M.

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