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Sanctuary Meditation

Connect with your Higher Self

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If you could meet your Higher Self, what would you ask them? For healing, insights, clarity, empowerment? In this class you will learn a technique to effectively an confidently access your Sanctuary and connect directly with your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self is your most trusted friend and guide on your spiritual journey and knows you better than you know yourself. 

In your Sanctuary, you can work not only with your Higher Self but with any being of Light, your ancestors, and other people's Higher Selves. 

Your Higher Self can provide you with all the healing, clarity, empowerment and support you could need on your journey.

*Strongly recommended prerequisites: Life Activation, Full Spirit Activation, Sacred Geometry 1

Sanctuary Meditation is also taught in Empower Thyself Initation as well as Spiritual Foundations along with Sacred Geometry 1, Spiritual Intuition and Astral Travel

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