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Isis Healing
for Emotional Rebirth

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After we have activated our spiritual DNA and established a higher flow of energy into the core of our being with the Life Activation & Full Spirit Activation, our journey of self healing accelerates.

We begin to let go of old past pain, trauma and suffering that no longer serves us. This opens us up to the opportunity to be reborn, as a new being without all of this old pain and baggage.

Who are you without your pain?

When we experience the heartbreak that comes with deep pain, loss, grief and suffering, our heart energy shatters and breaks off into pieces that scatter about our energy structure and only leads us to feeling more lost, disconnected, separate and alone. 

In the Isis Healing, we retrieve the pieces of your heart that have shattered and restore them back to your heart center. With the support of the Family of Ra, you are reborn into a new emotional body with the restored heart energy at your center. 


Release attachments to old pain, suffering and trauma

Release programming around self doubt, unworthiness, shame and guilt

Release harmful thought and behavior patterns 

More self love, self forgiveness, and self acceptance

More contentment, inner peace, and serenity

Feeling of wholeness and coming home to oneself

Deeper connection with yourself and the infinite source of love within you

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