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Full Spirit Activation

The Body, Soul, Spirit Connection

Life Activation is not complete until you receive part two: Full Spirit Activation.


Life Activation activates your spiritual DNA and thereby increases your capacity to hold Light in your physical body. This Light comes from your Spirit Self: the aspect of you that is pure energy. This energy from your Spirit Body is mediated by your Soul Body and made available in your physical body so that you can take PHYSICAL action based on SPIRITUAL energy.

Life Activation creates the space so that more Light can flow into your physical body and DNA. This is what allows for greater personal insights, accelerated forward progression and deeper healing on all levels. 

Full Spirit Activation enhances the flow of energy from your Spirit, through the mediator of the Soul, and into your physical body so that more of the energy made available in the Life Activation is actually accessible in your body.

The session is in person only, and lasts generally 1.5 - 2 hours.

Life & Full Spirit Activations are $295 each

or $500 prepaid for both ($90 savings) 

Session includes:

  • Full negative energy clearing

  • Emotional cord cutting

  • Purification by Light

  • Good Spell Casting

  • 16 Petal Lotus Awakening

  • Chakra Awakening

  • Tree of Life Awakening

  • Activation of Spiritual brain centers

  • Purificato & Crystalis Elixirs


  • Increased psychic awareness

  • Increased connection with all spiritual realms

  • Enhanced flow of Chakra System

  • Awakening & enhanced flow of Tree of Life System

  • Enhanced spiritual connection

  • Improved sense of inner knowing

  • Enhances dreamtime

  • Stronger connection to all spiritual realms

  • Improved creativity and creative thinking

  • More Light (spiritual/positive energy) flowing into your physical body

  • Improved sleep, immunity and homeostatic functions

  • Greater vitality 

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