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Spiritual Foundations

Two day foundational spiritual training in setting space, enhancing & fine-tuning psychic senses & advanced meditation techniques.


Day One:

Sacred Geometry 1

Sacred Geometry is the science of manifestation. Learn the language of creation, activate the Keys to Heaven and how to build a Temple of Light.

Sanctuary Meditation

Learn a meditation technique to access your Sanctuary, meet and build relationship with your Higher Self.

Day Two:

Spiritual Intuition

What are the psychic senses are and how do they relate to physical senses? Learn techniques and practices to activate & fine tune your psychic senses.

Astral Travel

Learn how to safely travel to the 7th Spiritual Dimension and experience yourself beyond your humanness.

If you are trying to create something new in this world, whether it's a business venture or simply a new life for yourself, this class gives you powerful & effective tools to immediately create positive change in your life & all your endeavors. 

This class is especially supportive if you are a healer, teacher, or otherwise providing a healing 

 space of transformation for others.

All the tools handed down in this class will help you build a way of life that generates a flow of spiritual energy to support your physical life.

"Sacred Geometry is the best! I feel so much more grounded in myself and my physical space!"

"Sanctuary Meditation is my go-to if I'm stuck on something. It's like the general store, it has everything you need to get the ball rolling."

"When I use these tools regularly I feel so much more energized and definitely feel like my will power iw easier to access."

Spiritual Foundations class gives you tools to establish and maintain a flow of energy in your life; however in order to receive and maintain a high flow state, you must increase your capacity for light.

I highly recommend that you also receive

Empower Thyself

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