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Fire Soul Infusion

Activate & purify the inner fire of passion and life force energy

Do you lack a passion for life and creative life force energy?

Do you suffer from apathy?

Kundalini is a sanskrit word meaning divine, limitless power. It is a life force energy that moves through us and gives us vitality, energy to create, power to overcome obstacles, and a passion for living.

When this energy is blocked, we feel stagnant and fall into apathy, hopelessness and despair. When this energy is active, we find flow and the energy to move through life with joy and blissfulness. 

Often times this energy also needs purifying because when we lack connection to our Higher Selves, we end up applying this creative energy to places that are out of alignment.

Fire Soul Infusion activates and purifies your creative energy so that you can have more power and fluidity in your life, creative energy and a zest for life. 


Awaken, enhance and purify your creative life force energy

Align your creative will power with your Higher Self

Heal apathy and stagnation

Heal blocks to forward momentum in your life

Heal trauma and pollution related to sexual energy

Increased self confidence

Be more grounded in your body

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