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Life Activation

Two part Activation session that awakens your Spiritual DNA and enhances your Spirit, Soul, Body connection

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Your DNA holds the codes of your geno- and phenotype, but also to your individual expression of Spirit. Your spiritual DNA holds the keys to your life purpose, innate gifts, psychic senses, archetypes, inner knowing, and connection the spiritual world.  Life Activation activates your Spiritual DNA so that more of this energy becomes available to you. Life Activation increases your capacity for Light (positive energy), meaning you will have more inner peace and clarity because of an increased awareness of who you are as a spiritual being. You will gain a stronger will power to make forward movement in your life that is in alignment with your truth. It will help you release emotional baggage for more emotional stability and let go of negative thought and behavior patterns. Life Activation breaks the mold in which you have been living in and gives you the opportunity to begin creating a new life, based on the truth of who you are.

Life Activation includes a full energetic clearing & balancing of all subtle energy bodies, followed by the 22 Strand DNA Activation & concludes with a brief reading of the newly activated DNA. 

The session is done in person only, and lasts generally 1.5 - 2 hours. 

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  • Full negative energy clearing

  • Emotional cord cutting

  • Purification by Light

  • Good Spell Casting

  • Crown Cap Removal

  • Central Core Balancing

  • Elemental Balancing

  • Magnetic Balancing

  • Aura Clearing

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Negative Crystal Removal

  • DNA Activation

  • DNA Reading 

  • Purificato & Crystalis Elixirs

Session includes:

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  • Mental Clarity

  • Emotional Stability

  • Increased Awareness of self

  • Decreased negative thoughts

  • Feel more grounded

  • Clarity around next steps in life

  • Increased self confidence

  • Relief from stress & anxiety

  • More inner peace & sense of calm

  • Find more natural flow in your life
  • Strengthened connection with your Higher Self

  • Release genetic & familial karmic patterns

  • Increase physical vitality

  • Strengthened immune response

  • Better sleep, relief from nightmares

  • Setting & maintaining better boundaries

  • Break addictive patterns & behaviors

  • Assists generating personal abundance

  • More positive relationships

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"I felt all the heaviness of years of not feeling worthy, of not feeling enough; lifting and I was welcoming Truth and new Light."         

 -Julie G.

part two:

Full Spirit Activation

Enhance the Spirit, Soul, Body Connection

Life Activation is not complete until you receive part two: Full Spirit Activation. Life Activation activates your spiritual DNA and thereby increases your capacity to hold Light in your physical body. This Light comes from Spirit, specifically your Spirit Self: the aspect of you that is pure energy. This energy from your Spirit Body is mediated by your Soul Body and made available in your physical body so that you can take PHYSICAL action based on SPIRITUAL energy.

Life Activation creates the space so that more Light can flow into your physical body and DNA. This is what allows for greater personal insights, accelerated forward progression and deeper healing on all levels. 

The session is done in person only, and lasts generally 1.5 - 2 hours.

Life & Full Spirit Activations are $295 each

or $550 prepaid for both ($40 savings) 

Click here to see a list of all sessions & packages

Session includes:

  • Full negative energy clearing

  • Emotional cord cutting

  • Purification by Light

  • Good Spell Casting

  • 16 Petal Lotus Awakening

  • Chakra Awakening

  • Tree of Life Awakening

  • Activation of Spiritual brain centers

  • Purificato & Crystalis Elixirs

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  • Increased psychic awareness

  • Increased connection with all spiritual realms

  • Enhanced flow of Chakra System

  • Awakening & enhanced flow of Tree of Life System

  • Enhanced spiritual connection

  • Improved sense of inner knowing

  • Enhances dreamtime

  • Stronger connection to all spiritual realms

  • Improved creativity and creative thinking

  • More Light (spiritual/positive energy) flowing into your physical body

  • Improved sleep, immunity and homeostatic functions

  • Greater vitality 


"It's like you did magic, and now I can finally breathe."       -Mike M.

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