Life Activation

When we're born, we know that we are God, we know magick. We are connected, to the Earth, to one another and to Spirit. Over time, we begin to forget and fall into the cycles of the mundane. We start putting on masks to cope with life, to fit in. while the masks serve a purpose, it hurts to wear them but it also doesn't feel safe to take them off. Usually, we don't even really know how to take them off. So much of our identity gets tied up in whom we think we are or 'should' be. Life Activation allows you to remember who you really are. It reconnects you with your unique Life Purpose and raises your vibration to permanently enhance your life path. 


Your internal compass is recalibrated and your vision becomes more clear. You are imbued with the energy to start moving towards your dreams. Most people feel an immediate and deep sense of peacefulness along with clarity, direction, sense of purpose, hope and freedom. The results enfold over time as you body continues to flush out the old and integrate the new Light coming in. Because we're working with energy and your DNA, you will see the effects in every area of your life: overall physical and mental health, job, family, career, everything will begin to uplevel

Awaken to your purpose

Life Activation is a private, in person empowerment session.

Session includes:

  • Crown Cap Removal

  • Central Core Balancing

  • Elemental Body Balancing

  • Magnetic Line Balancing

  • Aura Clearing

  • Chakra Awakening

  • Etheric Body Cleansing

This is all in preparation to receive the DNA Activation, which is done at the back of the neck using a specialized crystal wand. After the Activation, there is a brief reading of the DNA. 

In my session with Madison, I felt all the heaviness of years of not feeling worthy, of not feeling enough, lifting and I was laying down to welcome Truth and new Light.

-J. Grimm

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