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Ensofic Ray
Healing Series

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Ensof is a Hebrew word that translates to 'no-thing'. It refers to the God essence that is beyond anything that is knowable. God has many names and many titles, in the Modern Mystery School, Ensof is the name we use for 'Source' energy.

The Ensofic Ray healing series aligns you with the ray of Ensof, the original ray of creation from which the entire universe was born. This three part healing series throughly, but also with the utmost softness, removes anything in your being that is not in harmony with this originating ray of creation. 

In the first of three sessions you will receive the flow of the ray of Ensof first to your mind, and then to any other part of your body that needs it. Similar to a reiki session, however we are flowing energy from the ray of Ensof.

In the second session, you have an opportunity to offer up a negative character trait to remove and a positive quality to replace it with. In this session, the energy of that negative character trait will be wrung out of your energy structure like a wet towel.

In the third any final session, you have the option to receive the Ensofic Ray energy flow again, or repeat the negative train removal. 

Upon completion of the three part series, you are reborn as a new being, in higher alignemtn with the originating ray of creation of which we are all apart of. 



Deep sense of inner peace and relief from inner turmoil

Release the pain of past trauma

Align with higher source of energy

Remove and release negative character traits

Bring in and anchor higher qualities in alignment with your Higher Self

Deeply purify your energy structure of anything out of alignment with Source energy

Rebirth and renew your energy structure with more inner peace, joy, light, fulfillment and freedom 

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