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King Salomon Healing Modality

The most comprehensive healing


The King Salomon Healing Modality is a twelve part healing series over three to four months

Over the course of these three to four months, you will receive weekly ceremonial healing sessions that address and support your growth, healing and evolution on every dimension of your being including:

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Coaching session: How we heal

Starseed Healing

Unified Chakra Awakening

Tree of Life Healing

Seal of Salomon

Tone Healing

Aura Healing

Exorcism Healing

Etheric Body Healing

Mental Body Healing

Final/Repeat session

Celestial Code

This is the most comprehensive healing modality offered within the Modern Mystery School. You will upgrade in every aspect of your life because you will heal in every dimension of your being. 

"Before receiving the King Salomon Healing, I had a vision for how my life could be, but had no way of making it a reality. I could see the parts of me and my life that needed to change but they weren't. After finishing the series, I could feel myself growing past the old me and into a much better version of myself and how that was rippling out into my life. Now I know that I can change, I know that I have a bigger mission and I know that I can achieve it."

"This series has really truly been life-changing, I feel like if anything’s a testimony to that, it’s how much things have transformed for me in the last 2 to 3 months. I am so deeply grateful to you for offering this healing." 

"I feel like I'm finally integrating all the lessons from the last 10 years of my life and am about to be reborn again, like a phoenix."

"Manifesting like crazy and so fast! It really feels like anything that isn’t serving me or isn’t going to be a part of this new chapter has just been pushed out. Like, sorry, room for only the highest good and light in here now!"


Pay as you go: $350/session | $4,200 total

Prepay upfront: $3,600 ($600 savings)

Deposit: $350

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