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Sacred Geometry 1

Keys to building a Temple of Light

Physical spaces hold energy. Have you noticed some places feel better and hold a higher energy than others? Throughout time, spiritual cultures from all around the world have used the principles of Sacred Geometry to build Temples, Mosques, Cathedrals as well as theaters, palaces and other places of beauty to uplift the human spirit.

Applying the tools in this class to raise the vibration of your living and work spaces will bring huge benefit to your life by creating a container of the highest and most supportive healing energy.


Especially if you are a healer, therapist, teacher, mentor, coach or the like, this class is incredibly helpful in supporting you in holding the highest quality energy to support you and your clients.

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In this class you will learn. . . 

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The universal language of creation

How the principles of frequency and vibration govern the flow of energy

Activate the three keys to manifestation

How to grid and seal a physical space to hold the highest energy available

How to build a Holy Temple of Light

How to build an altar

How Sacred Geometry relates to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life

*Strongly recommended prerequisite: Life Activation & Full Spirit Activation

This class is also part of the 2 day Spiritual Foundations class which also includes Sanctuary Meditation, Spiritual Intuiti0n & Astral Travel

Check out this cartoon and learn about Sacred Geometry with Donald Duck ;)

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