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Sacred Geometry is the language of creation. In this class we will explore how the Universe expresses itself through numbers, letters and sounds. The Three Keys to Heaven will be activated within us so we can better flow the Rays of Creation through our minds and out into our physical life. You will also be handed down methods to create a Temple space to allow for a heightened vibration to elevate and hold your personal space in a higher vibration.

*Highly Recommended: Life Activation & Empower Thyself Initiation 

Sacred Geometry
Sanctuary Meditation-6.png

Your Higher Self is not some far away concept, but an energy that lives within your biofield. Using the Keys handed down in Sacred Geometry, you will learn and technique to safely and effectively enter your inner Sanctuary. Here, you can meet and converse with your Higher Self, all beings of Light as well as the Higher selves of other individuals. Here, you can gain clarity, insight, deep healing and direct guidance from not only your Higher Self, but all the Hierarchy of Light.

*Highly Recommended: Life Activation & Sacred Geometry 1

Sanctuary Meditation
Astral Travel.png

As energetic beings, we can access all Spiritual Dimensions to learn about the macrocosmic and microcosmic multiverse. ​In this class, you will learn a technique to safely and effectively astral travel to the 7th Spiritual Dimension. From there, you can go anywhere in this world or beyond. This includes accessing your own Akashic Records, whether everything you're ever said, thought or done is stored. Incredible knowledge of self, healing and reprogramming is possible with this method. 

*Highly Recommended: Life Activation, Empower Thyself Initiation & Sacred Geometry 1

Astral Travel
7 Ancient Mystery Schools
7 Ancient Mystery Schools.png

Of the Seven Ancient Mystery Schools on the planet, only this one, the Modern Mystery School is open to the public. The rest are hidden in extreme and remote areas high up in the mountains, or deep within caves, where one will risk their life to find their way. Once there, one may not even know they are training in a Mystery School and even after decades of service may not even be chosen to receive Initiation into the hidden Mysteries within. In this class, we will unlock the magick of each Mystery School so that you may witness and experience the energetic flavor and purpose of each.

Spiritual Intuition

Do you wish you had an easier time connecting to the Spiritual Realms? Maybe you are very visual, or get 'feelings' but want to strengthen your other senses. Spiritual Intuition is a skill we can all learn and hone. In this class, we will cover basic techniques that, when used over time, will greatly increase your physic and intuitive awareness. 

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