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Empower Thyself

Build a Foundation based on your Eternal Being

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"We are eternal beings, we have never been born

and therefore, we can never die"

- Founder Gudni Gudnason

We are all spiritual beings, having a momentary physical existence. What does that mean for you soul's progression both before you entered physical life and after you leave it? And, perhaps more importantly, how can we access this eternal power while living in a physical world? Greats like Plato, Socrates, Leonard Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein all were initiated into the Mysteries and used this power to achieve greatness by grasping deep universal truths seemingly far beyond their time

This Initiation gives you 10x the power

towards achieving your life's work.

Empower Thyself Initation hands down specific keys for unlocking deep spiritual wisdom and understanding once reserved only for the elite. Today, however, we have entered into a time of 'No More Secrets', when mankind is ready to take up the mantle and receive the Truth of Who we Are.


You will learn about the progression of your eternal soul through life and beyond, giving you a broader understanding of who you are, your intrinsic power and why you are here. You will also be given rituals to access your eternal power and use your Will to take greater control of your Life Force energy.


Initiation into the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of light means you are entering into a pure, unbroken lineage going back thousands of years. All of the power of the Lineage, the Hierarchy of Light and the Galactic Federation will now be working with and alongside you to achieve your life's mission.

Empower Thyself is a two day group class culminating with

Initiation into the Lineage of King Salomon

Path to Shinto Monument


  • The Powers of the Universe: Receive teachings about magnetic, auric, elemental, etheric and dimensional energy, how to enhance and utilize it as well at the 7 Rays & 7 Ancient Mystery Schools

  • Tools of Power: Rituals to effectively & immediately call down & direct energy in all aspects of your life, protect your energy & physical space, & enhance your energy structure. 

  • The Structure of the Universe: How to relate to and work with Beings of Light like angels, elementals, Masters of Light, including teachings about the 1st & 2nd Quorum of Arcangels & the 12 Councils

  • Human Energy Structure: Learn the interface of the physical, Soul & Spirit Bodies

  • Progression of the Soul: Learn the progression of our Spirit through time, including the 12 Dimensions of Earth & 7 Spiritual Dimensions

  • Influence of the Ego on the True Self: What is the Ego and how do we overcome it?

  • Psychic Senses: Learn how to activate and fine tune your psychic senses

  • Chi: How to tap into and enhance the flow of your Life Force energy using Chi Do

  • Kabbalah: How the tree of life relates to you & the spiritual planes of existence and to utilize it as a took for maximizing abundance in your life

  • Meditation: The science behind meditation & a technique to reliably connect with your Higher Self


  • Take control of the flow of energy in your life

  • Permanently cut away aspects of your negative ego

  • Personal empowerment to effect positive change in every aspect of your life

  • Learn how to precisely & powerfully direct energy in your life

  • Learn the Human Energy Structure

  • Learn the influence of the Ego on the true self

  • Learn the structure of the Hierarchy of Light

  • How to change your thought patterns

  • Protection from other peoples energy

  • How to increase your flow of Life Force Energy (Chi)

Once you have received initiation,

you have an entire path of Spiritual Self Mastery ahead of you.

You may choose your next step...

  • Galactic Activation - Awaken more of your Galactic Self and strengthen connection with the Galactic Federation of Light

  • Healer's Academy - Learn how to facilitate Life Activation and teach Max Meditation System™

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