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What is Initation?

To initiate means to begin a process and/or to join a group or society. 

Initiation is built into our experience as humans. We go through many initiations in our natural lives: the beginning of man/womanhood, starting school, getting married, becoming a parent, getting a job, the death of a parent, retiring, etc. 

These are all initiations wherein you begin a process which transforms you. In that transformation, you join a select group of people who have shared the same process of transformation. That shared experience creates a bond in a shared understanding of yourselves and one another. 

Within the Modern Mystery School Lineage, initiation accelerates our path to spiritual self mastery

Empower Thyself Initiation begins a process of alchemical transformation. Over the course of the two day intensive class, you receive knowledge in the form of energetic keys which expand your awareness of yourself, God, Nature and the Universe. This expansion creates space in your physical body for you to anchor more light into your mental, emotional and physical capabilities to support your daily life choices and tasks. 

How do I know if Initiation

is right for me?

You know that you have a greater purpose to fulfill here in this life.

You believe there is more to life beyond mere physical existence.

You have a desire to make a real difference in the world, starting with yourself.

You have a desire for deeper knowledge and understanding into the mysteries of life.

You are committed to your spiritual growth and evolution in a real, tangible way.

You are willing to do what it takes to live a joyful, free, fulfilled life.

You have tried other spiritual programs / paths and while you found them helpful, still believe there is something more.

You feel a calling to receive Initiation, which you can't fully comprehend with the mind.

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