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Core Will Infusion

Align with your Higher Purpose

Do you feel like life is pulling you in a million different directions? 

We are multidimensional beings, meaning we wear many hats. We have our families and relationships, we have jobs and career paths, we have hobbies and special interests, we have societal roles and of course we have ourselves and our intimate, private lives. It can feel like the different aspects of our lives compete with one another and draw us away from ourselves.

Our jobs take us away from our families, our relationship with ourself can pull on our relationships with others, and it goes on and on.

But what if every aspect of our life was oriented to our Higher Purpose?

What if instead of pulling you in all different directions, all the different aspects of your life actually propelled you towards your life purpose?

If we are multidimensional,

then so is our purpose.

So our purpose can express itself through our relationships, our jobs, our hobbies, and our private lives. 

There is a unique way that your higher purpose wants to be expressed in every area of your life. 

In this session, your central core is aligned with your Higher Purpose so that all the different areas of your life will point towards your Higher Purpose.

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Clearer vision and understanding of your Higher Purpose

Clarity on the areas of your life that are helping you or stopping you achieve your Higher Purpose

Release programming, thought and behavior patterns that are stopping you from embodying your Higher Purpose


Organization of your mind around personal priorities


Enhanced will power and forward momentum in your life


Courage to break old patterns and molds of limitation 

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