Energy Healing

A path to

Spiritual Self Mastery

I think I just experienced Heaven.

-C. O'Donnell

When we're born, we're connected to Spirit; we know that we are God. Slowly, overtime we begin to forget. We forget that we are connected to all things, that we are uncondtionally loved and supported and that we are infinite. Instead, we begin to learn limitation, unworthiness, separation. This programming begins to take over and govern our awareness and decision making. We become small.

Using Ancient Lineage tools for empowerment, we can rekindle the knowledge within us of our own power and truth. We can reconnect with the infinite and leave behind the old ways of thinking. 

Step One:

Life Activation

Experience renewed hopefulness and inspiration

Gain a deeper connection to your Higher Self

Profound Clarity and Focus on your unique path

Greater Alignment with your Soul Purpose

Break the cycle on negative thought and behavior patterns

Deeper Understanding of the Self as a Spiritual Being

Full Spirit Activation

Step Two:

Increased connection between the Spirit Body and Soul Body

Enhanced Spiritual Intuition and Psychic Abilities

Strengthened Connection to your own Inner Guidance

Grounds and Intensifies Connection with Higher Self 

Increases power of Thought, Manifestation, Healing, etc.

Empower Thyself


Step Three:

Receive Keys of Knowledge for Understanding

the Nature of the Self, the Universe and God

Powerful Spiritual Protection against Negative Energy

Personal Empowerment to stand more fully in your God Self

10x more Light for healing, growth, manifestation, etc.

Daily Rituals to take control of your life and your destiny

Sanctuary Meditation for dependable communication 

with your Higher Self

Once you have received

Empower Thyself Initiation,

you are an Adept Initiate in the Lineage of King Salomon,

and are eligible for these next steps..


Hermetic Ray






I feel calmer now and more confident. My anxiety has gone from a 10 to about a 4. I had one panic attack the other night … and I sat there and something was just different about how I handled it. I quit smoking. I’m now more intuitive to my actions and getting through my day more smoothly. Before I was an anxious mess, having outbursts and feeling way overly frustrated with everything but now everything is different.

-V. Marshall



Supportive Sessions

As we are healing, or I like to say revealing, our true selves, we need support along the way. These sessions are meant to assist in clearing out the old thought patterns and belief systems that have been holding us back for you to manifest something new!

Fire Soul Infusion

Ignite your Passion for living

your highest potential

*Life Activation required*

Energy Clearing.png

Full Energy Clearing

Negative Energy Removal,  Cord Cutting, Purification & Good Spell Casting

Purpose of Life Reading

Reading of the DNA for your unique essence 

*Life Activation required*

Core Will Infusion

Reorient your life toward your Higher Purpose

*Life Activation required*

Crystal Aura Healing

Clear the Aura and infuse energy body with healing crystals



Access Akashic Records for clarity on specific questions

Ensofic Ray Healing

3 part healing series to realign with the original ray of Creation

Egyptian Aura Healing

Clear the 7 layers of the aura and infuse with energy for specific manifestation

Shamanic Aura Healing

Deeply cleanse and purify the aura of all stuck, stagnant and negative energy

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