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Full Negative Energy Clearing

Are you feeling bogged down by life?


Constantly replaying past scenarios  in your head?

Like your lessons are stuck on repeat and can't see any other possible way through?

It might be time for a

Negative Energy Clearing and Emotional Cord Cutting.

Interacting with others creates energetic cords between you, the stronger the emotional charge, the stronger the cord. These cords can be negative or positive, and usually some combination of both. Positive cords will flow positive energy, enhance your vitality and make you feel good about yourself. Negative cords will keep you locked in negative emotions, limiting thought patterns and disempowerment.

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Full Negative Energy clearing is a mini session and is included in all full length energy sessions

We develop negative emotional cords from a place of wounding, in an attempt to cover up, fill, or avoid whatever hurt is there. Ultimately, we need to heal that deepening wounding so we don't recreate that cord with that or another person. But it can be hard to really heal that deeper emotional pain while those negative cords linger, feeding that negative energy. 

A Negative Energy Clearing does just what it says, it removes negative energy from your energy body. This can be negative energy that you picked up from people or places in your life, or negative energy generated by your own thoughts our actions. Remember, we are the source of all the energy in our lives. If there's something in our life that is negative, we have the power to change it.

An Emotional Cord Cutting cuts the negative emotional cords between you and whoever you decide to cut cords with. This can be as many people as you want, but it is always other people, you can' cut cords with yourself. And again, the reason the negative cord is there in the first place is because of wounding, a void we're trying to fill, but don't yet know how to do it in a positive way. Clearing is only a fraction of the world, without healing we will recreate the same cord with that same person, or find a replacement for that same energy. We must also receive healing, like a Life Activation!

Purification by Light fills the space that was creating by the clearing and cutting with Light. This is also a kind of healing and clearing, removing any other negative residue or stagnant energy and filling your aura with Light which of course is incredibly healing!

We close with a Good Spell Casting. After sacrificing old emotional cords, negative energy, ultimately an old version of yourself, we seal the energy in with a prayer, asking for whatever it is you need moving forward, be in healing, clarity or empowerment in a certain area; or even something more tangible like securing a new job opportunity, living situation or more money. Because we are working within an authentic lineage, anything you ask for will always be in your Highest Good, and likely even grander that you could ever comprehend!

This is a supportive session, meant to aide the individual on their path towards Spiritual Self Mastery


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