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Setting Intentions for Better Success.

There's been a lack of enthusiasm around resolutions, and New Years in general. There isn't the fantastical welcoming of 365 days of new opportunities, but this low drone dread of repeating the past. 2020 & 2021 tested us for sure, and many times we serves ourselves the sweetness of hope only to have it ripped from our grasp.

Who wouldn't be woeful?

But in that woe is also wisdom. We're no longer fooled by the superficiality of a calendar day, and at the same time the human condition has geared us for change, to expect it, and if we can expect something then we can't help but hope.

The number one thing I hope for, is that in everything we've learned over the last two years of this pandemic and everything that has come with it: is that the only thing we end depend on is ourselves; and so our #1 investment should be on ourselves. And I'm not talking about diet fads or gym memberships, I'm talking about the part of ourselves that cannot be determined by external influences: things like your Will Power, your Integrity, your Individuality. Investing in and empowering these things, I can most certainly guarantee will have positive impact in every area of your life: Health, Relationships, Community, Self-Love, Purpose, Drive, etc.

As a Metaphysician,

this is the type of "healing" I offer others; Healing of the Soul. As a Wiccan Priestess Minor, while I do not ascribe to Hallmark holidays, I do observe the Wheel of the Year as guidance for how to be creating, transmuting and destroying energy. The New Year falls as the end of the Festival of Yule; 12 days of merrymaking and keeping the Light going through the Dark. The Winter Solstice, while marking the beginning of Winter and the longest night of the year, also marks the return of the Sun. We are reborn into the Light of the Sun, and so it is a new beginning, of a new Wheel of the Year. The proceeding season of Death (Harvest) has prepared us for this rebirth. If you feel like you didn't do enough releasing in Autumn, that's ok, there's always time. Working with the Moon is a great way to continually work with the death & rebirth process. February will also bring us the Lunar New Year.

So, the time is ripe for intention setting.

But the time we set an intention isn't the same time we take action on that intention; or at least, not the type of action you may be thinking of. Setting an intention is like planting a seed, and there's a lot of research and preparation before that seed is planted. First, we have to choose which seed to plant that will yield the fruits we want. What kind of soil is best suited to that seed? Where should it be planted to get the appropriate amount of sunlight? How often does it need it need to be watered? How far apart should seeds be planted? Will they need support structures as they grow?

We're in a time right now of planning. After choosing our Intention, we have to create a hospitable environment within our minds for that seed to germinate, grow, and yield the fruits that we want. One of the biggest trip ups I see people make is perfectionism. For example: say I set a goal for going to the gym 3x/week. It's already Thursday and I haven't gone once. I know I won't be able to make my goal that week, but instead of even trying to go once, I don't go at all, and then I've already set myself up to fail instead of allowing myself to be imperfect. there's a saying: "Don't make the perfect the enemy of the Good." Going to the gym once in a week may not be perfect, but it's dang good.

The following are several journal prompts to help you in this process. I highly encourage you to take your time with this, perhaps even an hour. Get yourself into a quiet, meditative, reflective state with no distractions but a journal & pen. Invest this time in yourself so you can be successful in the future.

You can also follow along in this YouTube video:

  1. Have you attempted this goal in the past?

-If yes, and you were successful (even if only for a short time), how did it feel accomplishing this? Really feel into your body and the emotions of how this felt.

2. What were the reasons you gave in the past for not accomplishing your goal, or some obstacles you can foresee blocking you? ie. not enough time/money, not knowing how to do it, lack of access to resources etc.

3. Now take those reasons/excuses and make them 'I' statements (this might feel uncomfortable, and that's okay). ie: I'm not enough, I don't know, I am lacking.

-These statements are untrue, however at some point in you heard them and made them part of your story. Stories can be rewritten.

4. Hold and feel that belief statement within your body, and mind. Feel the emotion of it. Now ask yourself who told you that /where you heard that before. Generally the first feeling/memory you feel is correct.

5. Feel into the part of you that heard that for the first time, if you have many recollections, feel into the one that is the strongest.

6. Connect with the part of you that heard it: how old are they, what is their mental/emotional state, how do they feel?

7. Speak to that part of yourself, saying whatever will comfort them.

8. If you can, tell them that you love them, that you are here for them, that you aren't going anywhere, and that they are safe with you because you will protect them.

9. Spend much time here nurturing this part of yourself, reinforcing love constantly, in the most simple of terms; and return here often.

10. Perhaps create a statement or mantra to reconnect with this part of yourself when you feel overwhelm, when excuses come up, or like you can't succeed.

Rewriting these false believe systems and healing the pain they have caused will give you more success in achieving your goals than anything else. If you need help clearing subconscious self-sabotage, reach out and schedule a free consultation.

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