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Can you change your past?

Quiet often we define ourselves by the things that happened to us.

We graduate school and get a degree; that degree usually foreshadows the career landscape for the next 20-30 years of our lives. There's also a myriad of social experiences during those academic years that influence our character development.

Our relationships with others, the choices we make, the circumstances we create for ourselves; it's easy to say that all these things define you.

But do they really?

There are objective events that shape the course of our lives, like if we decide to move and what we eat for dinner. There's also the emotional attachments we feel towards these events.

Maybe we move to a certain city, meet a special someone and start a relationship that ends very badly. Then we might think "I never should've moved there", and we start to remember that whole experience negatively.

That objective experience, that is now colored in this negative hue, influences how we perceive ourselves and things we associate with it.

For example we might start to feel sour about that city, move away and never go back again. We might get fearful of moving again for repeating the pattern.

Our emotional attachment to the past hinders our ability to perceive the true, objective present reality.

Why should a past experience, no matter how negative, stop you from feeling freedom, joy, peace, love and fulfillment in the present moment? Especially if you've learned your lessons from past situations, you now have the wisdom to integrate into the present and make more conscientious decisions.

In this weeks guided Max Meditation System™, we rebirthed ourselves and shifted our perception of ourselves and our lives.

Follow along with the prerecorded YouTube video, where you can find all my prerecorded meditations.

And joing my weekly free live guided Max Meditation System™ over zoom every Monday at 8pm ESt. Sign up here.

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