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"How to Harness the Power of the Moon's Cycles in Your Work and Life"

Updated: Mar 5

Many people feel disconnected from the artificial routines imposed on us by society. It can make life feel empty and meaningless. But connecting with the timeless cycles of the Moon, seasons, etc. can restore a sense of magic and belonging.

Since the beginning of time, humans have modeled their lives after the cycles of the Universe and the more we connect with and understand the world we live in, the more and understand ourselves, and vice verse. As we familiarize ourselves with these cycles, we can begin to learn our own cycles and better organize our lives to live with more peace and harmony.

The cycles of Life are Birth and Death

All that lives cycles through periods of birth, living and death. We are born, have a period of growth or life, and then die and the cycles begins again. We see this in the yearly seasons, the monthly moon phases and even in the hours of the day. People often usually cycle through the phases in their lives too; with months or years of contentment intersperced with periods of change or upheaval. As we evolve and shed our skins, our lives also grow and change to reflect our internal environment.

Cycles of the Moon

Most people are aware of the craziness of the Full Moon. People love to blame their problems on astrological events. But what’s happening is the full reflective light of the moon is shining on our subconscious mind, making it conscious. If we aren’t in the habit of checking in and clearing out our subconscious mind, the Full Moon is a time where things can really run a muck because our subconscious mind is much more conscious. If you want to bring light to more of your subconscious and make it conscious, Kabbalah is great for that.

🌕 Full Moon

The full light from our Soul (the Sun) shines into our subconscious (the Moon). There is a lot of Light (energy) available for magic and manifestation.

Meditation : Allow the light of the moon to shine on your subconscious mind and emotions to explore and release what is no longer serving you.

Themes : Birth, Renewal, Celebrate the Light, Honor the Goddess, Gratitude for the Gift of Life

Corresponding Season : Summer Solstice / Litha

Journal Prompts : Make a list of what you are ready to let go of and burn, bury or release it in some other way. Reflect on what you have achieved in the last 2 weeks, and your entire life.

🌓 Waning Moon

As the Moon begin to wane, it begins to loose light, entering into:

🌖Waning Gibbous,

🌗First Quarter and

🌘Waning Crescent Moon.

This is a releasing period, we are letting go of whatever came to the surface over the last Full Moon. This is a time to work on releasing old thoughts and behaviors that are blocking you from living in peace, joy and love.

Meditation : What thoughts or belief systems are you holding onto that are keeping you stuck or small? When did they begin? What part of you are they serving? Where can you make space for something new?

Themes : Release, removing obstacles, seeing the truth, making space for something new, setting boundaries

Corresponding Season : Autumn / Lughnasadh, Mabon, Samhain

Journal Prompts : Reflect on your thoughts and emotions and their origins. Everything in our life is serving us in some way, get curious about your habits. Take an inventory of your life and see where you can make space for something new.

🌑 New Moon or Dark Moon

At this time, there is no light available shining into our subconscious. Because there is no light available, do not do any Magick at this time. Unlike some others, I do not suggest doing manifestation rituals at this time. When there is no light, we must go inward and nurture our own inner light.

Meditation : Connect with and nurture your own inner flame. Remember your ‘why’, your unique qualities that make you special. Give yourself a lot of love.

Themes : Self love, nurturing, ignite and feed the inner flame, reconnect with your purpose, passion, or what drives you.

Corresponding Season : Winter Solstice / Yule

Journal Prompts : Due to the lack of light, this time is less about self reflection and more about rest and nurturing. You could make a list of good qualities or deeds about yourself; but focus on taking action in doing nice, loving, nurturing things for yourself

🌗 Waxing Moon

The Waxing Moon is increasing light, building energy through the phases of :

🌒 Waxing Crescent

🌓 Third Quarter

🌔 Waxing Gibbous

The Moon is gaining more and more light, and building more and more energy towards the full moon. We are coming back to life after the death period of the New Moon. This is a time to start drawing in new energy to yourself, setting and envisioning goals, etc.

Meditation : Envision your goals, what they look like, what it would feel like to achieve them. What does your ideal life look like and what will it take to make it a reality?

Themes : Goal setting, planning, motivation, New Life, Rebirth

Seasonal Correspondence : Spring / Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane

Journal Prompts : Write down your goals and tangible steps to make them real. Give yourself deadlines as well as small, daily steps to set yourself up for success.


As we find ourselves back at the Full Moon, see what has come to fruition and what will still need more work. Not all goals will be achieved in one 28 day cycle but if we can break up our big goals into smaller steps, we can really see and observe ourselves grow into who we want to be and also make it more manageable for ourselves.

Remember that no two cycles are exactly the same, you will grow, time will change things and also the yearly and even multi-yearly cycles will effect the moon. Be patient, gentle and curious with yourself.

All Magick is personal, it starts and ends with you. Strengthen and follow your own intuition. Life Activation rand Empower Thyself Initiaction are wonderful ways to strengthen your connection to yourself and the world of Spirit.

And most importantly, enJOY yourself!

Madison White, RN, BSN

Spiritual Healer & Guide

Wiccan Priestess

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