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Houston, We have Online Meditation!

At the beginning of the COVID lockdown, one thing became abundantly clear in regards to my healing practice: I needed more online resources, especially guided meditations. And, well, it just took me THE ENTIRE YEAR, to finally get around to doing it. It seems to often happen that way, at least for me, I set out to complete a goal, and then I end up having to work around all the emotional, psychological and physical blocks standing between me and that goal. Honestly though, I did not spend the entire pandemic working on recording meditations! (insert sweaty smiley face). I've worked through sooo much emotionally and spiritually this year, as I'm sure you have too. It's like we're all coming out of a collective dark night of the soul!

Thanks the heavens for Spring time and Aries Season! Let's pick up where we left off last year, older and wiser.

Also, I think it's really fitting that I recorded this first batch of Meditations on 2/22/21. Oh, numerology, you're so cute sometimes. SO, a month later, I've finally uploaded the videos to my site. Let me know if there's a particular type of meditation or other topic you'd like me to cover. I'll also be posting them on YouTube and social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Also, are you on Clubhouse? Do you like it? Should I join? If so, drop me an invite.

Here's a 2 minute guided breathing exercise so you can get a taste of what they're like, and you can find all the videos on my meditation page!

I hope to see you soon in person for the monthly Full Moon Meditation or an Energy Session. Spring time is the perfect time to do some clearing and cleansing. Stop in for a Full Energy Clearing including..

  • Negative Energy Removal

  • Emotional Cord Cutting

  • Purification by Light and

  • Good Spell Casting

There's not better way to step into this new season than with cleansed, renewed energy, well except maybe Life Activation *wink* !

Much love!

Madison White, RN, BSN

Spiritual Healer & Guide


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