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Why you shouldn't post your magic online

Social Media has become a place where people share pictures of their magic, their spells, their altars, on social media. I've even done it in the past and it felt ...icky. No doubt there's a huge rise of interest in spirituality, witchcraft, magic, etc; which I think is so important for restoring a sense of meaning and purpose into our everyday lives.

Wicca and practicing witchcraft has brought me so much joy, healing, and empowerment that I cannot even begin to put into words. Living a life where you don't just believe, but know that magic is real, and LIVE that magic every day, just, feels like its the way life should be.

Like many witches, I was practicing witchcraft before I knew that's what you called it. I felt drawn to nature, relied on my intuition just as much as logic, and felt the energy of people, places and things around me. It wasn't until after beginning a lineage based path of spiritual self mastery, that I was introduced formerly to Wicca as part of that lineage.

I'm now a Wiccan Priestess Minor, as well as a Spiritual Healer, Teacher and Guide through and ancient lineage held with the Modern Mystery School. Serving as a healer, teacher and guide Is what has made my Wiccan practice so much more powerful, potent and healing. This is a path that you too can progress on to find more of your own healing and empowerment!

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Modern Day Witchcraft

There's a lot it see on #witchtok that makes me twitch; one of which is people posting videos or pictures of their spells, including the process of creating them.

Now, I get it, it's a really beautiful process and something that a lot of people are interested in and its understandable to want to share something that is beautiful, important to you and also educational. I've posted pictures of my working altars, candles burning, etc. And, I couldn't quite put my finger on it at the time, but it just felt off, and I usually had an overwhelming push to delete it pretty soon after posting.

But I thought, I'm a healer and teacher! I want to help educate and guide people on the process and empower them as to how to do it for themselves!

Yup, I get the draw. However...

Here's the Problem

When you post pictures or videos of your magic, ESPECIALLY the process of creating it; you are opening up that energy for anyone and everyone who views it to cast their own energy into it, whether consciously or subconsciously.

Thats how our minds work. Unless you have achieved a Buddha-like state of enlightenment, you have thoughts, lots of them; 300,000 every minute actually. Very few of those thoughts are you actually consciously aware of.

And thoughts are powerful. Our minds are the most powerful tool for means of creation in the known Universe. That's right, there is nothing more powerful than our own mind. It's right here, sitting within us, and, for the most part, (and saddeningly/frighteningly) out of our control.

All Eyes on You

So, all of those minds, behind all of those eyes, looking at and sending thoughts out into the ether about YOUR magic, something that is the most sacred and personal thing to you, outside of your own self.

All of those thoughts are going to influence your magic.

Would you want everyone on your friends list, everyone on your follower count, everyone following #spiritual, collaborating with you in your magic?

I definitely don't. I want my magic to be as clean and pure as I possible, that way I am more sure that my results will be in alignment with my original intention.

You wouldn't bake a cake with bowls and utensils that hadn't been washed, especially if someone else had been using them for Goddess knows what, would you?

Me neither.

This is especially worrisome to me when I see practitioners filming the process of making spell jars and candles to SELL!

To be fair, most people probably aren't going to be sending wildly malicious intent towards your spells, most of it is actually probably harmless.

Regardless, when you know magic is REAL and POWERFUL, you respect it. And, most of all, you respect yourself, and definitely respect the people who are paying you for a spell.

"But, the spells already finished."

While the actual creation of the craft can feel like the height of it's potency (and sometimes it is) that does NOT mean the magic is complete.

Once the jar has been sealed, the candle has been burnt, the sage has been smudged, that energy of the spell continues to reverberate out into the Universe. Spells can take days, weeks, and even months to really come to completion (if ever?) Theres no way to really tell. But from my experience, it doesn't stop after you've stoped directly creating or interacting with it.

So that means, your picture or video of the spell, and all those people who are influencing it, continues working well past you might think. And, once its out of your hands, the best you can do is hold the intention in your conscious awareness at all times. In fact, you should be doing the with all spells, which is why it boggles my mind that people make and sell several spells a week or even daily. I could never be consciously responsible for that much magic for other people, I have enough just doing magic for myself!

Your Magic is an extension of You

YOU are sacred.

YOU are powerful

YOU are worthy and deserving of honor and respect.

Your magic is a direct extension of you, and should be treated with an equally high amount o sanctity, honor and respect.

Keep your magic precious, private and close to your heart.


Your Big Sister Witch

Madison White

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