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Why you should never do these Spiritual faux pas

Sometimes I hear about people going to see a psychic medium like they’re going out to lunch or to a concert; or hiring a tarot card reader for a birthday or bridal shower.. and I cringe a little.

I’ve even had people ask to hire me for these types of events. Energy is not a sideshow, it’s not here for your amusement.

Same with those paranormal TV shows; now, most of the people who are on and who watch those shows are really passionate about it, which I understand wanting to share your enthusiasm.

But, you’re still making it into entertainment, when it’s actually something to be taken very seriously. (When’s the last time you took a TV show seriously?)

It’s the same thing as going on an ’energy medicine’ retreat. Going to South America or someone’s backyard to partake in a deeply spiritual, deeply sacred process as a break/retreat or vacation from your normal life it the utmost appropriation, desecration, and colonization of Holy Magick that is not yours.

Energy is Real

And it is powerful. Most people who expose themselves to energy readings, paranormal activity, do rituals they find offline or in a book, or take medicine from a ‘Shaman’ they just met; do not fully understand the power of themselves or what they are doing.

If they did, they wouldn’t go about it with such arrogance and wrecklessness.

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve had people come to me asking to break curses or spells that were set without any belief that they would actually come true.

Just because you like to go to the beach doesn’t mean you should drop yourself in the middle of the ocean without a boat.

Water is serene, but it can also kill you.

Whats actually happening?

When you get a reading, go to a haunted place, use an oija board, or rituals you find in a book, you are activating energies within and outside of you.

Now, you might say, ”but i didn’t do anything!” and that’s the arrogance part.

Simply by observing, simply by being, we influence the world of subtle energy. Ever notice a conversation between 2 people change because someone else shows up? Ever notice someone’s attitude change just because someone pays them a little attention?

We influence energy simply by our presence and by witnessing. Quantum physics tells us that an object is changed when it is observed.

When you get a reading, whether it be psychic, tarot, astrology, or oracle; energies within you are being activated. And while it may not be anything bad, good in the hands of the unaware is not great either.

This isn’t about fear.

My purpose in writing this is not to instill fear, my purpose is to empower you with knowledge of what’s REAL.

You are an immensely powerful being, quiet high on the energetic totem pole, if you will.

However, when we don’t understand or acknowledge our own power, we can very easily set the doormat out for opportunistic energies that doesn’t always have our highest good in mind.

When we truly understand energy, and our own power, we come with much more humility.

So what can we do?

Know yourself. If you want to understand and engage in the world of Spirit, understand and engage with yourself.

Because you are Spirit.

I know it seems a lot less exciting than how it’s portrayed in movies or on TV. But trust me, I’ve been on a spiritual journey for more than a decade and the experiences I’ve had are far more psychedelic, validating and awe-inspiring than any drug, movie, or reading I’ve ever seen/partaken in.

Why? Because it came from me.

Because I’m real, and my direct experience is holds more value than any sideshow trick.

Magick is real and energy doesn’t lie.

If you want to find out just how real it is, contact me to book your Life Activation

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