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THE "what's meant to be will be" TRAP

I see variations of this statement running through all different circles; all of them basically assuming that if it's 'supposed' to happen, it will. Like everything that is good, everything that we want just automatically happens without us having to lift a finger. This assumption completely negates personal and *spiritual* responsibility.

What is Spiritual Responsibility?

You are responsible for your own thoughts, you are responsible for the choices you make, you are responsible for your own level of awareness. Another name for this is spiritual maturity. Are you operating from your wounded inner child, projecting fears and insecurities or have you faced your pain and taken the responsibility to heal it within yourself? (Don't worry 95% of people are in the former category). And I say that with all love. This world is hard, it's not fair and usually sucks pretty bad; but with higher awareness, you can overcome anything.

Nonattachment or Detachment

The argument I hear often in rebuttal to this that we should be unattached to the outcome, to surrender and let go, not try to be so in control all the time. And yes, as a society we do have an issue with control. But more than that, is the problem of apathy. Be unattached to the outcome but GREATLY ATTACHED to putting in the effort to make what you want happen. Have the dedication, discipline and determination to work hard at want you want AND be unattached to the outcome. Another word for that is humility. Humility requires that we put our whole heart into something, without any expectation for recognition or reward.

Remember the purpose of all spiritual or religious practices is to be a good person; not for what it'll get you in the end, but for the purpose of simply being good in the first place.

If you are unattached to the outcome AND unattached to the effort it will take to reach your goals, then you are detached. Another word for that is apathetic. That's where I see this mode of thinking lead people: to the believe that their effort, their purpose, their dreams, their desires, their lives, their choices, their *selves* don't matter. They do matter, because *YOU* matter.

The Freedom to Choose

The human experience was designed to teach us one thing: how to manifest. We are creator Gods/Goddesses (in training). We are constantly creating, aka manifesting, its not a matter of IF but WHAT we are creating. We were given Free Will for this purpose, to CHOOSE what we create. If you are not aware, or conscious, of what are you choosing to create, then you are creating from your subconscious. The subconscious is a tricky, treacherous place. It's where the memories, or energetic imprint, of all your thoughts, words and actions live as well as their emotional and mental associations. So, there's a lot; and it's the biggest influencer on how you experience the present moment.

The biggest determining factor in what happens in the future, is what happens in the present.

So, to not leave things up to fate, or to the mess of your subconscious mind, we must clear out the subconscious and restore the power of your will. This is what Buddha and all those Sages and Mystics are talking about when they say to have a still mind. It's not just the absence of thoughts, but a clear subconscious, which is kind of like all the muck at the bottom of the pond, which isn't noticeable at the surface, but effects the clarity nonetheless.

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