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The Philosopher's Stone

Since the beginning,

(wo)men have searched for answers. To who, what and why we are. Sages and Mystics all over the world have dedicated lifetimes to the search. We looked to the stars, we looked to plants, we looked to mathematics, but it always came back to the self.


The Godfather of Chemistry, is the process of turning Lead into Gold. And what alchemists found time and time again was that the alchemical process revolved solely around the alchemist. Their state of mind, quality of their emotions, purity of their soul, etc. They themselves were the primary ingredient foretelling the result of every alchemical process they engaged in. The answer, just like the question, came from within. The alchemical process then, is about purifying one’s own soul to become a clear vessel for creation. To not become muddled in the human mind or human emotions, but to tap into those directly of God. To become as God. Many of us still seek The Philosopher’s Stone today. A state of being so pure, that our Spirit Self may shine directly into the physical, creating Gold or, Heaven on Earth.

The First Hermetic Principle: Mentalism

We are in a constant state of creation. We are always manifesting out reality, because our mind is always thinking. Hermeticism tells us that the All is Mind, meaning the source of everything is mental. It all starts and springs forth from the Mind of Thought. Who's thoughts? Your thoughts? Your Negative Ego's thoughts? God's thoughts? Where do your thoughts come from? How do you control them so that you can then in turn control your reality. It's a long process, but a worthy one.

The Big Secret

But what's the big secret we're after, we want to control our reality, yes, but for what purpose? What do we want to create? Less war, yes of course. We want less war, strife, poverty, violence, ignorance, neglect, etc on our planet. But we want that within also. We want to be less at war with ourselves. So if we did that... if there were no more wars, within our without, what would life be like then? Happy? Peaceful? Abundant? What would it be like to have the Mind of God?

Founder Gudni Gudnason leads a brief meditation on this very question in this short video....

Simple, yes?

Really? Not so much. How easy is it to simply tell your brain: I am joyful now. In the face of pain, of suffering, of separation, of loneliness? Is joy really so easily attainable? How do we live in joy, in the face of pain and suffering? How do e have joy while still facing the troubles of life so that we can transmute them. Because to be in Joy does not mean to be ignorant to the woes and troubles of life. It means to see those and to stand in the power of your truth, of your JOY all the while.

How do we live with more Joy?

We connect with our divine, eternal selves. How do we do that? Well, there's lots of ways I'm sure but one way I have found to become more permanently connected to our divinity, our eternity, our joy, is to receive Life Activation & Empower Thyself Initiation. This begins you on a path of discovering not only your own Joy but how to bring more Joy to others and to the world: truly the only pure act of service.

Contact me to begin your journey.

Madison White, RN, BSN

Spiritual Healer & Guide in the Lineage of King Salomon

The Light Center - 397 Main St. Woburn, MA

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