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The Key to Feminine Energy

Hey ladies, let’s have a chat.

"Destruction is easy, to nurture takes strength" text over image of Hindu Goddess etched in stone
Destruction is easy, to nurture takes strength

Yes, we live in a patriarchal society. Is it healthy? No. Is it unhealthy BECAUSE of men? Also, no. Is it unhealthy because of ALL of us, both men AND women? Yes.

But women, (and I say this with the whole of my heart) we need to do better. We need to understand our power.

Women, WE are the leading energy on this planet. Yes, it’s true. WE ARE IN CHARGE of ALL the energy that exists. Does that mean that we are BETTER than men? No. Does it mean that we don’t NEED MEN? Again, no.

Does it mean that men look to US for how to be, for what to do? YES! We hold the container and men can only exist within the container we give them. If we are not CLEAR and DEFINITIVE with our container, the masculine is unclear and undefined in his expression. This is how we end up with chaos.

The masculine is going to express itself outwardly, it is the giver, the doer. It doesn’t stop. But if it’s misguided and undefined, it can wreck havoc. It needs the container, it needs the feminine.

Feminine energy is the receiver and birther.

We have to be in charge, and take responsibility for what we receive and what we choose to birth, aka what we ALLOW to exist.

And yes! WE NEED MEN. We need to receive in order to create. CAN women do it all? Sure. But have you ever sat down at the end of the day with a woman who is trying to do it all by herself? She’s exhausted. And I guarantee, the first thing she sacrificed in trying to do it all, is her own physical and mental health. She stopped CARING for HERSELF. By definition, she sacrificed her own femininity to fulfill the masculine roles.

And if we’re trying to bring more balance to a patriarchal society, how in the world is sacrificing our feminine energy going to help?? It’s only going to bring more imbalance! We need more true feminine expression!!

And Masculine and Feminine DO energies exist, outside of gender or what our bodies look like; masculinity and femininity are forces of co-creation in our universe.


They create together, working WITH one another manipulating and bouncing energy back and forth between them in an infinity loop. We see it in the microcosm: anytime we are creating either by ourselves, with another or in a group and also in the macrocosmos. Force and form is at the very core of every action in this known universe.

So, women, if we don’t like what we are seeing in the world, look at what we are birthing. Look at what we are ALLOWING in our own lives.

Here’s where it gets real tough. No one is going to give you what you want.

‘Hey wait! I thought I was a receiver, I should just automatically be treated with respect and honored and get everything I want and if I’m not then there’s something wrong with them, not me! They need to change!”

Mmm, hold up.

Where does respect come from? Where does honor come from? Yes, every human deserves a basic level of respect. But, do we hold individuals in high regard for no reason? For doing nothing? For not honoring and respecting themselves?

People respect us because we respect ourselves.

People honor us because we honor ourselves.

People take us seriously because we take ourselves seriously.

People treat us the way we treat ourselves.

No one can give you honor or respect, just like no one can give you trust. You stand up and say. “I am trustworthy, I am honorable, I am respectable.” And you speak it with your actions. You LIVE honorably, respectably. That’s how you receive honor.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself “Why do I have to change!? Why do I have to always be the bigger person!? It’s not fair!”

Yes, we have to take responsibility.

But guess what comes with great responsibility, great POWER. And isn’t that what we were after in the first place, power? Power to choose? Power to be heard? Power to make a change? Power over ourselves and our bodies?

And here’s the kicker, WE ALREADY ARE IT. We already are powerful. Remember, WE ARE THE LEADING ENERGY. We already are in charge, we just don’t understand our power, how it works, or how to wield it.

So how? How do we wield it?

How do we begin to understand our power?

Well, we know that the feminine’s power is in receiving and birthing. So again I ask, what are you birthing? What thoughts, words and actions do you allow in your life? And yes, we have to start with ourselves.

And here’s the big key: we have to come from love and not from hatred.

It’s easy to hate the state of the world, to hate the patriarchy. Trust me, I get it, I’ve been there. I’ve hated the fact that we live in a world where my first experience of sex was rape. I’ve hated that we live in a world where we are killing off entire ecosystems by the dozens. That we live in a world where children still in diapers are molested, and mothers drown their own children. Yes, I hate that.

But I don’t allow that hatred to be my main motivation, I transmute that anger and hatred into passion. I hate because I care. I hate those realities because I don’t agree with them, because I wish they weren’t so. Because I know that we, that I, can do better.

Was my rape my fault? No. But have I contributed to a world that allows a lack of education and awareness around healthy sexual relationships and development? Yes.

So how do I transmute that?

How do I turn my pain, anger and hatred towards the world and what happened to me? Or even, let’s back up, WHY do I need to transmute it? Isn’t that pain, anger and hatred motivating enough? And trust me, it is very motivating.

Two reasons: one, these emotions are not sustainable, they will wear on me, and they have. Two, using these emotions as my main motivation creates MORE of them! Hate breeds more hatred, pain breeds more pain. And these emotions separate us. We don’t need more pain and hatred; desperately, we need to heal.

Our greatest enemy on earth right now is separation; separation from ourselves, from one another, from the divine.

What I can do though, is transmute these fiery, burning emotions into passion. Again, I’m angry because I care.

I hate those things because I love.

If I come from passionate love, not only can I sustain myself (because I give myself that love first), but I send that passionate love out to the world.

And gurrrrrl do we need that.

The feminine comes from love, I mean we all come from love, but the feminine is that caring, compassionate, nurturing energy. Remember, it births. And when something is being birthed it’s vulnerable, it requires patience and understanding and often: silence.

The feminine energy is that strong silent type. So strong and so silent you don’t even notice it weaving and holding together the very fabric of reality. So strong that without it, everything falls apart and into chaos and destruction.

This is where we’re at now.

This is the state of the world: anger, pain, hatred, chaos: separation.

What we need now more than anything is STRONG WOMEN. Not strong like men, strong like WOMEN.

Destroying things is easy. You can take a baseball bat and demolish just about anything in seconds.

But to love something, to love YOURSELF to care for yourself, to nurture yourself, patiently; THAT takes strength, that takes endurance.



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