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Six Signs you need an Energy Clearing

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Negative energy is an unfortunate reality in our world. It's created and spread through words, thoughts, and actions. Negativity can embed itself deep within our subconscious and make us believe that it's 'just the way things are' and not something we can change. Well, we can change it.

We do have a choice.

Often times the negativity we hold onto springs from traumatic experiences. When I say trauma, people's minds usually go to some catastrophic event like domestic violence or natural disaster, and while these are definitely traumatic, it's not the only type of trauma. The type of trauma that effects people most are the every day micro aggressions that, usually not even consciously, allude to our unimportance. Plainly, trauma is anytime you've been made to feel unimportant. Those experiences build up overtime and become a belief system that then informs our every thought, word, and action.

Our thoughts create our reality, so when we are consumed with negative thoughts, naturally we see and create negativity all around us. As aforementioned, it's usually totally subconscious, meaning we don't even notice we're doing it. Misery loves company, aka like attracts like, so negativity will compound itself when given the opportunity. You may think of a certain person who you feel a lot of energy associated with, or a particular event, or even repetitive negative thoughts you can't escape from.

Emotional Cords

If we have strong emotional response when thinking about a particular person, there's an emotional cord there. There are positive and negative emotional cords. Positive cords are ones where the relationship is supportive, loving, comforting but also allows you expand to grow. Negative emotional cords will fill you with dread, anxiety, low self worth, and feed into addictive and other negative behaviors. Most relationships will have both negative and positive cords. Can you think of a positive relationship you've had where you never had a negative feeling about them or your relationship with them? Most likely not.

When we 'cut the cord' with someone, it cuts all cords, both negative and positive. But don't worry, you're not cutting that person out of your life. As soon as you see that person, think about them, see a picture of them or get a text from them, you will immediately re-cord. The quality of that cord will depend on the emotion that you associate with that interaction. Sometimes we need to cut the cords to gain emotional clarity about how we actually feel about this person and if/how we want to proceed.

No, you cannot cut cords with yourself; that's called healing. *wink*

If you don't already think you need an Energy Clearing, here's six signs you most definitely do.

1. You feel mentally scattered & unable to focus

When our minds are swarming with negative thoughts, it's incredibly difficult to stay focused on the present moment. If anything, we're trying to escape our minds, bodies, the present moment, all together. When we're not present, our energy can easily get drawn in all different directions, especially away from the positive. Then we don't get much accomplished and are led further and further away from our true joy & purpose.

2. You keep replaying past scenarios over in your head.

This is a telltale sign of a negative emotional cord. When we can't let the person or situation or 'situationship' go there's definitely an emotional cord, and mostly not good. Negative, traumatic interactions that dampen our self worth also damage our energy field and without healing, that energy will keep replaying itself out until it is cleared.

3. You have negative thoughts about yourself, life, & others.

Right, cuz you're like the only person on the planet who doesn't experience this, ya? ok. Negativity can run so deep in our subconscious that we can't even identify where it's coming from or believe that there can be life without negative thoughts. I'm here you tell you, there can.

4. You have nightmares.

We continue processing our lives in the astral realm when we sleep, so anything we don't work out in our waking state, we work on subconsciously while we sleep. So if you have some negativity you're holding onto and haven't dealt with consciously, it may come up in dreams.

5. You catch yourself mentally checking out or emotionally numbing.

When we've lived with negativity for so long, we get desperate for ways to escape it. We use distractions, substances, adrenaline rushes, etc; all to escape the way we're feeling. But the longer we distract and run away, the more power we give to that negative energy.

6.You feel a heaviness when you think about a certain person or event.

Again, when we experience trauma, it creates holes in our energy structure. Negative energy can then hook into those holes. We can remove the hooks, but without healing, we're likely to re-cord with anything that fits that hook. This is why Healing is so important in addition to clearing work.

Sometimes, we need clearing work in order to have enough clarity, peace of mind and positive energy to take the next step on our healing journey. But once we clear, it's important to heal the places where negativity was able to creep in in the first place.

I offer a path to Spiritual Self Mastery that includes Healing, Clearing, Activation, Initiation and Empowerment sessions for you to live the highest version of your life.

The Negative Energy Removal & Emotional Cord Cutting session includes:

Negative Energy Removal

Emotional Cord Cutting

Purification by Light &

Good Spell Casting.

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