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How to care for Crystals

Crystals are often the first thing people welcome into their practice as they begin exploring spirituality. And it makes sense, they are physical: we can see, touch and feel them. So when entering a world of nonphysical energy, we grasp for what sense we can make of it.

Crystals make sense.

We can see the different colors and textures and immediately sense their properties and unique energy just from that. Then, we can start tuning into their more subtle energies, and at the same time they can help guide us towards understanding our own subtle energy.

The primary thing I want to imprint upon you as you being working with crystals is that they have their own consciousness: they are their own beings. Treat them with love and respect, they are wise and powerful teachers that we can learn so much from. Do not assume that you know everything, or better than he crystal. While they are tools, the best craftsmen will grow a loving and supportive relationship with their tools. Care for them and they will care for you.

Choosing your Crystal

You can do research and find out what the internet has to say about crystals and let that inform which crystal you choose. Or, you can take the intuitive route and allow your heart and soul, rather than your mind, choose your crystal. When I go to a crystal shop, I try to shut off my mind and let my heart guide me. I see where my eyes and hands are naturally drawn. Sometimes I'll hover my hand above the crystals and see where I feel warmth, or a jolt of energy and use that to help me decide. You can pick up and hold the crystal in your hand, close your eyes and tune into the energy. See if you feel any emotion, get a vision, or hear a message. if you don't its ok, I teach classes and help people awaken this intuitive energy!

Bringing your Crystal Home

The first thing I do when I get a new crystal is cleanse it. There's a few different ways to do this. The easiest is to leave it out in direct sunlight for a few hours. Crystals are like any other living being; they need sunlight and fresh air. The sun will recharge the crystal. Next is to use sage to smudge it. Light sage and run the crystal through the smoke a few times. Here, you can begin building that relationship by imaging that any energy the crystal has picked up since being plucked from the Earth is being released from it. Its like saying "You're here now, I'm going to protect you and keep you safe from now on." Much of the energy around crystal sales and distribution is really not good, so its kind of like bringing home a new rescue pet from the shelter; they might need a lot of TLC.

Some crystals will need a deep cleanse, especially if its a crystal that naturally removes negative energy (black tourmaline, amethyst, etc.). For this I spray with Blessed Water or leave under running water for several hours **I only do this with dense crystals who have strong water insolubility such as; quartz, agate, tiger's eye, jasper, carnelian, obsidian, etc.)** I use a glass or stone bowl (metal is okay too, but to me feels a little harsh) in a sink and leave the water running at a slow, soft but continuous trickle of room temperature water. It's like leaving your crystals in a running creak. If you live near a babbling brook of mountain spring water you can leave your crystals in (maybe in a strainer or cheese cloth bag for safety, you are living a dream of mine! ^.^ Some crystals also love to be in the ocean water. Again, make sure your crystal is resistant to salt water. (Carnelian & Flourite are NOT).

Decorating with Crystals.

Crystals are like plants in that they need sunlight and fresh air. So, keep your crystals somewhere they can get regular direct and indirect sunlight. Like, not it a covered box in your closet or under your bed. (It's time to come out of the Spiritual Closet =] ) I like to spread my crytals throughout my house. I have a little clear quartz sitting on every window sill (the faeries love them). I especially like to have little clusters of crystal family displays on mini plates or platters. Again, always check in with the crystals to see how and where they like to be kept. Maybe they're more solitary or maybe they want to hang out and make friends. And they're likely to change over time. Crystals love to hang out with plants too. I put a crystal or two in the soil of every plant I own. They help the plant stay happy and it also feels like home to the crystal. They form a symbiotic relationship.

Sun & Moon Baths

Just like us, the Sun and Moon effect crystals differently. As I said above, keep crystals in sunny places. The Sun recharges crystals' powers, just like how we get a boost from vitamin D from the Sun. If you're noticing your crystals are feeling little tired, put them in direct sunlight for a day or more and let the Sun bring them back to life. The Moon is more of a cleanser for crystals, especially the Full Moon when the most amount of light is available. When the Moon is full, especially if it's a clear night, leave your crystals out somewhere in the Moonlight, outside is preferable but a windowsill is okay too. Ask the Moon to cleanse your crystals and breathe new life into them. You're crystals will feel rested and rejuvenated after a good Moon Bath.

Regular upkeep

Just like any living being, crystals will be healthiest and happiest with regular maintenance. While crystals will help energetically clear and balance a space, you are also their caretaker and guardian so keep a space that is physically and energetically clear and clean so they don't have to work so hard. You'll probably enjoy it better too. ;) Make sure they get plenty of fresh air and sunlight, and cleanse them with sage, sage spray, Blessed Water or incense regularly. Treat them to Moon Baths and running water every few weeks, especially if you're working with them for healing, manifestation, grounding etc. (such as the crystal jewelry you wear which is constantly working in your aura.)

If you're interested in learning more check out the Calendar for the Crystal Magick class! Look our for the next post about how to work with crystals and if you want to amplify your energy to better work with crystals, heighten your spiritual senses and become a more powerful being reach out to book your Life Activation & begin a path of Spiritual Self Mastery!

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