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Can we ever heal stress, for good?

They say that stress is the #1 killer, and while there’s no objective data on that we do know that emotional stress is a major contributor to the six leading causes of death: cancer, coronary heart disease, accidental injuries, respiratory disease, liver cirrhosis & suicide.

As a Spiritual Guide & Energy healer, stress along with anxiety & depression are the 3 main issues people come to me to heal. With all our scientific advancements, western medicine has still been unable to successfully treat these psycho-emotional issues.

By the time someone comes to be for energy healing or spiritual guidance, they have come to understand that stress isn’t actually the issue:

Stress is a symptom

Stress is not a diagnosis, it’s a symptom. Stress doesn’t come out of no where on its own; stress is a byproduct of a lifestyle.

By the time someone with stress comes to me for energy healing or spiritual guidance, they’ve realized that their stress isn’t actually the problem, the problem is..

- lack of self care/love

- people pleasing

- inability to set appropriate boundaries

- inauthentic relationships

- disconnection from self

Stress is painful

Stress is mental, emotional and of course physical tension. When we’ve spread ourselves too thin, with too many commitments to others and not enough time to rest, we have mental tension. When we don’t provide ourselves with emotional support, instead wrong stuff it all down, there’s emotional stress. Mental & emotional stress manifest as physical stress because the body can‘t tell the difference between physical & emotional pain: they read the same in the brain.

Stress/tension is painful. Have you ever tried to hold your arms out like a ‘T’ for an extended period of time? Nothings really happening but, it hurts like hell after a while. Stress is a slow burning pain that eats away at us over time.

Specifically, it eats away at our Will to live; because if we never have true respite from stress, we begin to equate life with stress (an unfortunate belief for many people). If the two are never separate from one another, what would leave us to believe otherwise?

Does stress ever go away?

Most of what we see nowadays is how to cope with or reduce stress; which would imply that stress never actually goes away, we just learn better ways to deal with it. I disagree.

But, we don’t heal the symptom, we heal the cause. If we treat the stress alone, we’ll just be a dog chasing its own tail. But if we go directly to the source of the problem, then we can actually make some progress.

Stress bad, tension good

From a metaphysical standpoint, we need tension. In a positive light, tension leads to breakthrough. The only reason the caterpillar knows it’s time to spring from it’s cocoon is because of tension; the snake knows its time to shed its skin because of tension.

I say thus because imagining a life that is stress free does not mean a life that is free of hardships. In fact, pursuing a ‘stress free’ life may mean asking for much more tension in your life.

Because to heal the source of stress, means to allow yourself to die to all your old ways of being and be reborn.

“And the day came

when the risk to remain

tight in a bud

was more painful

than the risk it took

to blossom”

-Anais Nin

Pain or Suffering?

For some, the pain of healing ourselves is better than the pain of living a life unfulfilled. For me, it’s about discomfort or suffering.

Yes, healing is uncomfortable, pretty much by definition. The comfort zone is where we go to let our dreams and aspirations die.

Stress, anxiety & depression all thrive in the comfort zone because it’s where we deprive ourselves of all things that are worth living for.

So, to heal the source of stress, we have to be uncomfortable, and it is painful at times.

But the alternative is to suffer.

Suffering is not just painful, suffering is pain without end. Suffering is pain that you can’t (or choose not to) do anything about.

Buddha said…

”The root of all suffering is attachment because the only constant in the Universe is change. And change often involves loss.”

How do we heal the source?

Theres a saying in the Lineage tradition I worth with which pretty much sums up the work that we do both within ourselves and the world and that is:

to bring Darkness to Light

The only reason we are stuck in places we feel stuck in our lives, is because we lack the awareness of where/how we can choose different.

In the path of healing that I offer, through the Mystery School Lineage, we illuminate these areas of subconscious blockage to bring clarity & new possibilities.

With this clarity, you can decide for yourself how and where stress, anxiety & depression are rooted in your life and the choices you need to made to eradicate them.

Message me to begin with a Life Activation

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