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13 Goals as a Witch

A lot of people think Witchcraft is all spells and cauldrons, and while that may be the craft, Wicca, like any spiritual practice, is a way of life. Wicca is a way to live which honors and celebrates all aspects with the goal of raising one's own frequency, along with everything else in one'd like, to it's highest vibration.

The Goal of Wicca is to make all things Holy

Unlike what is propelled in mainstream culture, true Wicca is a practice of celebrating and honoring all life for the purpose of raising it to it's highest Good, aka towards God/Goddess. The primary method for doing it is to raise the self to it's highest expression, as the self is the central originating point for all the energy in your life. And so the goals of Wicca are as follows...

1. Know Yourself

As the originating source of all energy in our lives, we must know ourselves to know our craft, our magick, the way energy flows through us, and therefore how to access and utilize that magick in all aspects.

2. Know your Craft

Your craft is a direct extension of your own energy, and so your craft will only be as powerful as you know and have mastered yourself.

3. Learn & Grow

The Universe has no end, and nor do we, therefore there is always more room for expansion, release, growth, and healing. There are always more ways for us to improve upon ourselves and our craft.

4. Apply Knowledge & Wisdom

As we are constantly learning & growing, we are also constantly applying that new knowledge with the wisdom of past experience, to gain more understanding and wisdom.

5. Seek to achieve Balance

We understand that balance is a dance, ever in flux and flow; and so, balance is always needing to be assessed and redistributed. Understanding ourselves, the flow of energy will help us to assess and mange a balance of surrender and control.

6. Keep your words in Good Order

All Magick is spoken, and so our words are creating our reality. Remain aware of your words and the reality that you create with them.

7. Keep your thoughts in Good Order

Our words and actions are a direct result of our thoughts and so keeping our thoughts in purity will keep our words and actions in alignment as well.

8. Celebrate Life

Above all things, the purpose of Life is; Joy; and so we bring joy by celebrating all aspects of Life, including death and rebirth

9. Attune with the Cycles of Earth

Earth has a natural rhythm and flow, learning and aligning with this rhythm is not only a way to celebrate life but also a way to know ourselves more deeply.

10. Breathe & eat correctly

Based on knowing yourself, you will come to know what is correct for you. we must be always feeding ourselves positive energy, this includes what we eat, drink and how we breathe.

11. Exercise the Body

As our bodies are vessels for Light, and we are raising all things to their highest vibration, we must also increase our body’s capacity for Light or Chi Energy. Physical exercise, especially martial arts, is the best way to do this.

12. Meditate

To know ourselves, we must connect with who we are beyond this physical body, we do this through meditation.

13. Honor the God & Goddess

God is not outside of us, God is within each of us and every living thing. So honor yourself as the God/Goddess you are, and the God of all beings.

I hope these will serve as a guide, to those interested in Wicca or practicing Witchcraft or just curious about how to live a more peaceful, joyful life.

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