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Celebrating Ostara: The Spring Equinox

The equinox is the midpoint between the summer and winter Solstices, representing an equilibrium or balancing point between the light of summer and the darkness of winter. At the moment of the equinox, as the Sun's light lands square on the Earth's equator, there is a perfect balance between the hours of day and night.

This balancing point offers a reset, a time to pause before the great Light of the Sun begins to overcome the Darkness of Winter. Ostara, the Spring Equinox, brings the hope of rebirth, a new life, and new beginnings. A theme of the season is fertility, as we need fertile ground in which to plant out seeds of intention to guarantee their successful fruition.

The Birth of the Goddess

The entire spring season is representative of the birth and maturation of the Goddess. At the moment of the rebirth of the Sun on Yule, the light offers more and more power to Mother Earth to grow, birth and nurture all the fruits of the natural world. Ostara represents the first initiation of the Goddess, of coming into her own power. realizing the power she has within herself to create and transform.

The Story of Ostara's Eggs

Ostara stems from Eostre, the Germanic Goddess of Spring. As the story goes, Eostre came across a bird with a broken wing, unable to fly and therefore unable to feed, care for and protect itself and would surely die in the wild. To save the small bird, Eostre transformed it to a hare. As a show of gratitude, the hare would lay colorful eggs every year as gifts for Goddess Eostre. The hare and the egg both being symbols of fertility, represent this season's Magick of procreation.

This story also tells us of the Goddess's Magick; being able to transform nothing into something or something into something else. This is pivotal as the Goddess grows into and becomes confident in her power to create, for she is the center and essence of all elements of Creation. All the power to create lies within her, for her own discovery.

Themes of Ostara:

Colors: white, pale or pastel pinks, purples, blues, yellows, all shades of green

Symbols: eggs, lamb, bunnies, chicks, seeds, basket, cradle

Plants & Flowers: tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, baby's breath, crocus, lilly, pussy willow, rosemary, sage

Oils/Herbs: lavender, rosemary, thyme, lemon grass

Crystals: rose quartz, aventurine, citrine, malachite, lepidolite

Dieties: Ostara, Mother Mary, Aphrodite, Adonis, Persephone

Activities to Celebrate Ostara

- Spring Equinox is a wonderful time to do some spring cleaning. Letting go of the old is one of the best way to prepare for something new.

- Decorate eggs or have an egg hunt, both of these will connect you with that childlike wonder and playful expression that Wicca is all about!

- Plant seeds, you can begin a small indoor garden of plants to transfer outside once we are past the chance of overnight frost.

- Make a flower arrangement for your home or decorate a wreath for your front door to welcome in the new energies of spring

Meditation and Journal Prompts for Ostara

- Make a plan. If you aren't yet, gain clarity on what it is you would like to manifest this year, the more specific the better. Now is the time to set dates and plan action steps.

- What is your relationship with your power? Do you give it away easily? Are you scared of it, shy away or make excuses? Do you overexert your power as a way to protect yourself out of a feeling of necessity? Having a healthy relationship with and responsibility of our power is important for being able to manifest and transform energies at will.

- How open is your heart? Do you feel free to flow and express your desires? Or do you stifle your desires stay more in your logical mind? Being in our hearts and able to express and receive heart energy will also help you being able to manifest your desires.

Enjoy the excitement and wonder that the season has to offer!

And most importantly, be in JOY!!

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