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"You weren't made for this world,
you were made to change it."

Madison White, RN BSN
Spiritual Healer, Teacher & Guide

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"I cannot recommend working with Madison HIGHLY enough. From my first mediation session in 2016, I knew that she was the real deal. Extremely patient, empathetic, approachable, and kind. Madison creates a supportive environment that enables you to open up, as she gently guides & empowers you to own your life, your thoughts, and your mind to help you break free of your self-limiting beliefs and begin to figure out who your REALLY are. The process of self-discovery and self-healing, while indescribably rewarding and life-changing, can be TOUGH, especially as a newbie like I was when I first began working with Madison, and I know that my journey was made considerably easier thanks to the knowledge and support I gained through my work with her and The Light Center. If you are considering a session with her or attending an event at The Light Center, DO IT. She's a gift, and the work you will do together will be truly life-changing, and you DESERVE a life of joy and peace."

-Jen O.

'The Light Center is magical! I received Life Activation about four months ago and Empower Thyself Initiation last month. My life has changed dramatically!! Prior to meeting Madison I felt defeated, lost, overwhelmed with depression and desperate for change. Today I can confidently say that I now what my purpose is and am creating the life I've always wanted. I feel connected again. Madison is an absolute light! She's helped me heal in so many ways."

-Kristen K.

"Madison is an incredible woman. She sits down with you and gets to know who you are to ensure you get what you need. She's always there for you if you need someone to talk to, which is great when you're dealing with a lot of stuff.

All she wants is to help you and heal you and give you tools to live your best life and you really do feel that in her service. Very personable, high recommend reaching out to her if you're considering any type of healing or meditation classes."

-Kristina Y.

"I had a private meditation with Madison White last night and it was quite the experience. 

My social media timeline is regularly (and justifiably) filled with posts like "men are broken/garbage/awful/etc." but she would make posts about men being Kings and/or keepers of the Divine Masculine. It was those affirmations, which were rare to me, that dew me to her healing services.


 Meditation works for me, but I have difficulty practicing it on my own. Home life can be distracting and online/app guidance feels too disconnected. I needed in-person help and, as thanks to her online affirmations, decided to book a private meditation with her.

She's good. Through the course of our session, I went from friendly, to vulnerable, to self-aware, to relaxed... and then she found a mental blockage I didn't know was there, and I wept. All throughout she was there in those moments with me, thanking me for calling myself that vulnerability.

I feel different today, in a good way. More patient.  More relaxed. I can easily see myself booking another meditation."

-Michael T.

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