A path to Spiritual Self Mastery

We are moving into a new age, and everything about the world as we know it is changing. The old ways will not carry us into this new paradigm. We need completely new, ground up systems that truly honor the people they serve. How do we do this? How do we build a new world?

What if I told you that the blueprints to this new world live in your very DNA. What if all the answers to the questions you seek are locked away within you, and all you need is the proper key to open the door?

You were not made for this world

You were made to change it.

Growing up, I felt alone a lot. I didn't understand or feel safe in our world, and I felt like the world didn't really understand me. I watched people ignore their true feelings, lie to and hurt themselves and others, and settle for less than their worth. Many times I wanted to give up, and in many ways I did. But I never stopped searching for Truth. I studied world religions, experimented with plant medicine, received higher education, read self help books and attended seminars. I even sold all my belongings and hit the road, literally leaving my fate up to the Universe.

When I had my "aha" moment I was living in Texas, pregnant, working on a food truck, in an abusive relationship, and financially barely scraping by. I realized that I had created this reality, a reality that was sort of what I wanted, but not really. I knew I had something big to do with the time I was given on this earth; and that this was definitely not it. So, if I had created this reality, I could create a different reality, one that reflected who I truly and what what I truly desire. I took all the money I had and paid cash for a plane ticket home. From there, I began building a new life.

You are the key.

During that time I was working with an ancient system of 'Know Thyself': a Path of Initiation that has been traversed by such greats as Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Winston Churchill, Leonardo Da Vinci and even David Bowie to name a few. This is a Hermetic path for alchemically peel back the layers of who you are not to reveal your true Identity. It is a path of reclaiming your Divine Sovereignty, your God(dess)hood. Along with the Activations and Initiation, there are a plethora of healing sessions to gently and precisely unravel belief systems that are holding us back. Being on this path has allowed me to get out of my own way, empower my spiritual gifts and become who I was always meant to be.​​

If you desire...

  1. Freedom from anxious thoughts and more serenity & peacefulness

  2. Deeper understanding and awareness of who, what and why you are.

  3. Clarity and confidence in your direction and purpose in life.

  4. Release self limiting thoughts and belief patterns

  5. Stronger boundaries and healthier relationships

  6. Tools for manifestation, self clearing and self healing

  7. More joy, abundance, love and compassion for self and others

  8. Create and live the life you desire!

For years now I’ve had an awareness of these thought patterns that have held me back in so many ways but no matter what I did or what I tried I couldn’t seem to detach from them completely. After the Life Activation, it’s like the hooks have been removed and I can finally step away from all of that and more towards who I really want to be and what I really want to be doing with my life

-M. Manske

I feel more balanced. Less fragile and influenced by the emotional states of those around me…more grounded. I feel more in touch with my inner peace. I’m a whole lot less anxious, less worried about what others think. More in touch with myself and my needs. Seriously, thank you!!! I needed so badly to reach out for help with healing and I’m so happy I had the session with you. It gives me hope for our global future.


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