Do you remember who you were before life happened?

Do you know that you have a higher purpose?

The world is in the midst of a major paradigm shift and your unique gifts and purpose are needed.

All you need are the tools, knowledge & empowerment to bring them to life.

You weren't made for this world,
you were made to change it.

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We are moving from a Newtonian age, one of separatism, materialism and reductionism to a Quantum one. This Quantum Age is conscious, contextual, complimentary and connected. Humans have experienced paradigm shifts before, such as in the Industrial Revolution and the Age of Enlightenment. In these time periods, humans experienced massive changes in how they thought about and interacted with themselves, others and world. The major difference between these time periods and what we are experiencing now, is that today we are aware of the shift that is happening. Due to the nature of Quantum Mechanics, we are CONSCIOUS of the CONNECTIVITY and COMPLIMENTARY CONTEXT of these changes.

Simply put: we know it's not working.


We know things that worked in the past, just don't work for us anymore. We need completely new ways of doing, creating and being. These methods and structures must reflect our own Quantum nature, meaning they are AUTHENTIC to our TRUTH. 

What is the Truth?

The truth is that we are eternal beings. The truth is that the present is all there is. The truth is that there is more to reality than what we experience with our five physical senses. The truth is that we need to be aware and come to some understanding of the nature of Spirit in order to create a world that honors the Spirit of every living thing. The truth is that YOU hold the blueprints for creating such a world.

The truth is also that we are so disconnected from ourselves, our Spirit, Soul and Divine Realms that it's becoming difficult simply just to get by. In order to create this new world, we first need to recreate ourselves, incorporating all aspects of ourselves: Body, Soul & Spirit. 

Begin a Path to
Spiritual Self Mastery

Step 1: Life Activation

Activate your Spiritual DNA

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Step 2: Full Spirit Activation

Activate the Soul / Spirit Connection

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Step 3: Empower Thyself Initiation

A New Foundation for Spiritual Being

Once you have received Initiation,  an entire multidimensional path is open to you for exploring the mysteries, mastering all aspects of yourself, creating your own reality, and living your higher purpose.

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The Light Center is an affiliate of
the Modern Mystery School

Once you have received Empower Thyself Initiation, there are several opportunities for you to expand your knowledge and power.

There are two paths,
woven together by Kabbalah

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Madison White, RN, BSN is a Spiritual Guide and owner of The Light Center. In 2013,  Madison was burnt out from working as a nurse, addicted to multiple substances, hopeless and with no direction or sense of purpose.  So she quit her job, sold all her belongings and backpacked across the country only to find herself working on a food truck in Texas, pregnant, in a string of abusive relationships. In the midst of that darkness & chaos she found the strength & clarity to completely change her life around, using the same tools she now offers to her clients today.

In 2016, she began professional training as a Spiritual Healer, became certified as a Spiritual Guide in 2019 and opened The Light Center in 2020. Today, she has served 100's of clients across the country with tools of personal empowerment to awaken the spiritual blueprint of their DNA to live out their Highest Purpose in order to achieve World Peace.

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