Are you ready to start

creating a better world?

One where we are all free to express our true selves? Many of us are beginning to realize that the systems we have in place are not only not sustainable, but actually detrimental to our health and the health of the planet.  Maybe it's only a yearning deep in your soul, or maybe you can see it clearly in your mind's eye. Have you tried to make it a reality by creating new systems or working to shift the current ones? I bet you've hit up against a ton of resistance. It's exhausting, I know. 

Growing up, I never understood why humans lived the way they do. Why do we torment ourselves hiding behind masks just to get by. Why do we stand by and allow such injustice, pain and suffering to go on unchecked?


You were not made for this world,

you were made to change it.


“For years

I've tried to change the system from within, I've tried to build new systems. I've expanded my consciousness with plant medicine, I've received higher education, I've done years of therapy, online courses, seminars, and read books and still I came up empty. Nothing stuck. There was no road map for creating a world that didn't exist yet.


I realized the answer wasn't out there, it was within me.

The world is rapidly changing, we are evolving faster than ever. More and more of us are being called to authenticity and higher purpose. I believe we are all born with a specific mission and that every thing about our lives  is tailored towards achieving that purpose.

For years now I’ve had an awareness of these thought patterns that have held me back in so many ways but no matter what I did or what I tried I couldn’t seem to detach from them completely. After the Life Activation, it’s like the hooks have been removed and I can finally step away from all of that and more towards who I really want to be and what I really want to be doing with my life

-M. Manske

You are a Spiritual Being having a momentary physical experience, but how do you find  your Spiritual Path to achieve your higher purpose? We spend most of our lives hiding behind masks, trying to do and be whatever we're told. In order to learn a new way of being, we need to unlearn everything we have been programmed to believe, and relearn the truth of who and what we are.


What if there was a place, a sort of University for the Soul, where you could learn and progress towards expressing the fullness of your multidimensionality? Receive the knowledge to open energetic doorways within you and unlock your Truth.


The Light Center is that place. We offer a path of private, in person energy sessions and group classes designed to unlock the Mysteries of Life.

The Path


About us

I feel more balanced. Less fragile and influenced by the emotional states of those around me…more grounded. I feel more in touch with my inner peace. I’m a whole lot less anxious, less worried about what others think. More in touch with myself and my needs. Seriously, thank you!!! I needed so badly to reach out for help with healing and I’m so happy I had the session with you. It gives me hope for our global future.


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