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Albalone shell, wood stand, turkey feather, sage stick, palo santo & selenite wand.


Place sage into albalone shell (thick enough to not burn your hand) and use turkey feather (symbolizes gratitude) to waft the sage smudge through the ir. Say a prayer to help cleanse & clear the space. for example:


"In the name of Jesus Christ,

I release all stuck, stangnant

and negative energy from this space."


Place the shell on the stand on your altar.


Burn palo santo in the shell or incense holder to maintain clarity. (light and then gently blow out, allowing the ember to smoke)


Use the selenite wand to gently cleanse and soothe your aura. Starting just below the crown (eye brow/upper ear line) and gently sweep down holding the slenite wand parallel to te ground, imagining all negative energy being washing from your aura.



Smudge Kit

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