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Activation Package

Life Activation 1 & 2 + customized healing


You're ready for a renewed sense of hope, purpose & direction in life.

Life Activation 1 & 2 activates your Spiritual DNA and enhances your Body, Soul, Spirit connection so you have more energy for forward momentum in your life. After these two sessions you have a choice of follow up sessions to support you.


Some common common follow up sessions are:

Isis Healing, Shamanic Aura Clearing, Life Purpose Reading or Core Will Infusion.

$800 investment ($80 savings)

Empowerment Package

Life Activation 1 & 2 + customized healing + Empower Thyself Initiation

3 sessions + 2 day class

4 week minimum


You're ready for the healing, power, and tools to shed the old version of your and begin a life of more joy, peace, freedom & fulfillment. 

Life Activation 1 & 2 connects you with your spirit self so you have a better internal compass for life. Empower Thyself Initiation give you the power, knowledge & tools to create a new and sustain a new life for yourself based on who you are as an eternal being. 

$2,200  ($185 savings)

Total Transformation Package 

Life Activation 1 & 2,  Empower Thyself Initiation,
Etheric Reconstruction, + 1 customized healing

4 sessions + 2 day class

6 week minimum


You're ready to rewrite your story.

You're ready to be the main character of your life.

Anchor your Spirit Self with Life Activation 1 & 2; receive tools, power & knowledge to build a new life with Empower Thyself Initation; and remove old subconscious programming that's been holding you back with Etheric Reconstruction.

 $2,600 -  ($235 savings)

Total Rebirth Package 

Life Activation 1 & 2 + Empower Thyself Initiation + Isis Healing + Ensofic Ray Healing Series

6 sessions + 2 day class
7 week minimum


You've been through a lot, but what happened to you doesn't define you. It's time to start again, renewed, with hope and love. It's time to be reborn.

Creating a new life for yourself means healing and release all of the old stories, pattern and trauma. These Activations, Initiation and healing session will gently unwind what you have clung to in your survival mode and allow you to bloom into a new way of being.

 $2,850 - ($285 savings)

New Paradigm Package

Life Activation 1 & 2 + Empower Thyself Initiation
+ King Salomon Healing Modality Series

14 sessions + 2 day class 
16 week minimum


The world is changing, rapidly. Are you keeping up? Do you want to be on the forefront of the energetic shift happening in our collective consciousness? If so, it will require you to shift as well.

Not only do we need to have a greater awareness of who we are and anchor our Eternal Spirit Selves into the physical, we also need to heal from all over the past programming, emanations, mental, emotional, soul based, inner child (etc) layers of wounding that have built up over the years of NOT living our truth.

King Salomon Healing Modality Series is the most comprehensive healing series offered in the Modern Mystery School. Combined with Life Activation & Empower Thyself Initiation, you will be well on your way to leading our world into shifting into higher consciousness. 

 $5,640 - ($730 savings)

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