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As every January 1st rolls around, we feel immense pressure to set new goals; to cast our sights high to the  horizon of potential and imagine our greatest and best selves. We make lofty claims about getting up earlier, exercising regularly, advancing our careers, etc.; as if these changes were as easy as simply deciding.


Change is as simple as a choice,

but which choice?


There are deep, subconscious drives behind our every thought, word and action. Our subconscious beliefs generate thought patterns which inform how we speak and act. Our repeated actions become behavior patterns. Those behaviors patterns become a lifestyle, and before we know it we’re operating most of our lives on auto pilot.  When we’re on autopilot, we’re not aware of the subconscious belief systems that govern our choices, so we stay stuck in the same patterns of behavior, no matter how hard we try to change.

I wrote this e-Book because I was tired of watching my clients continuously set goals and then fail to reach them. 

There is a holistic formula for success that combines both  psychological and energetic approaches.

We need both to be successful.

The Initiatory Path I offer accelerates your healing and progression through your internal blocks so you can sustain a higher dimension of being.

Begin with a Life Activation

-Madison White

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