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Breakdown or Spiritual Awakening?

So, the world is a mess and you’re starting to have questions...

Why am I here?

What am I doing? Do I even like what I’m doing? Should I be doing something else? Why am I like this? Where am I going? What does it all mean?

That, my friend, is called a Spiritual Awakening. Brené Brown calls it a breakdown, you might call it a midlife, quarter life, or existential crisis. But I know from experience, as does Brené, that no breakdown comes without rebirth.

"Who am I!?"

So you’re rebirthing, and you have questions. Questions you’ll never find the answer to in a book, a seminar, from a psychic, not even the stars or a tarot deck can answer these questions for you.

A spiritual awakening means you’re starting to connect with your spirit self. See, in a sense, we have 3 “selves”. You have your physical self: that eats, sleeps, needs exercise, etc. Then you have your spirit self, the you who you were before you were born and who will continue on after you die, its the part of you that's eternal. Yup, eternal. We tend to forget a lot about that part of our selves because we get so caught up in this physical world.

That’s where the soul comes in. The soul is the messenger or mediator between Spirit and Body. The soul tells your body what your Spirit wants you to know, usually through emotions or “gut feelings”.

So Spirit is speaking to us in a specific language. I’m not talking about repeating numbers, tarot cards or other forms of divination here, those are all ways that your mind uses to try to translate messages from Spirit. You don’t need a translator, you already know how to speak the language of Spirit (because you ARE spirit, remember). You just have to remember.

You just have to heal all the stuff that happened to you that made you believe you are NOT spirit, i.e. not worthy, not good enough, not loveable, etc.

::prophetic Mufasa voice::

Remember who you are!!

Ok, it’s not really a “just have to...” it can be an entire life’s work to remember that we are God. (*see: Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, etc). But they were all people, just like us, remember? Yea they had a really, really important purpose, but what makes you think you don’t? What makes you think your life is any less meaningful or important than theirs? No, really, what made you think that? Look inside yourself... you are more than what you have become.

It's possible to heal.

It’s possible and it’s necessary. If you’ve gotten this far reading I probably don’t need me to tell you WHY it’s important. But I’ll give you two good reasons anyway:

1 . It’s important because YOU are important. Your purpose it’s important. What you’re here to do, no one else can do as well as you. That’s the microcosm reason.

2 . The macrocosm reason is that the human race is in a sort of dire situation, if you hadn’t noticed. Our Earth has become uninhabitable. The air is unfit to breathe, the water unfit to drink, the food unfit to eat. And it’s all by OUR doing. It’s all because we’ve been too focused on the physical (see: greed, separation) and not paying attention to the fact that WE ARE MORE SPIRIT THAN ANYTHING ELSE.

If not me, who?

If not now, when?

So, yea, it’s time. It’s time you remember who you really are. And lucky for you, I have a system that speeds the whole thing up. Cuz while ‘its’ time, we also ain’t got time. There’s no reason to sit here, waiting, wondering, suffering: ‘why!?’ When you can get up and do something about it.

So get up and do something about it. I’ll be here, doing stuff about it.

Right after I rewatch Lion King.

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