We take the health of our community very seriously,

and our community is only as healthy as it's individuals.


Times like these remind us to think, speak and act from a place of compassion and kindness, especially for our more vulnerable populations. We are committed to creating safe environments, for peace of mind to relax, heal and rejuvenate. All our 1-1 session are fully clothed with very minimal touching, mostly we are working in your energy field about 1-2 feet around your body.

While we are still offering small group classes and 1-1 sessions, we are making the following sanitization measures and more...

  • Online Meditation classes are offered weekly for those unable to attend in person. Health and safety should never be a reason to not receive healing and clarity.

  • All classes are limited to 6 people in order to maintain government required social distancing measures.

  • Face coverings are required once inside the building. We have masks available in the studio upon request.

  • There is a hand sanitizing station right inside the building door as well as once inside the studio. Please use them.

  • Please wash your hands in the bathrooms on the same floor as the studio. We have provided ample supplies.

  • We are following CDC recommended guidelines for hand washing between every client and every class.

  • Doorknobs are high touch areas are sanitized regularly throughout the day.

  • Of course, we will not be offering any classes or 1-1 sessions if we are experiencing any symptoms and receiving testing when necessary

  • Any clients who are experiencing symptoms are respectfully asked to self isolate and not attend any in person classes or 1-1 session.

  • Germicidal air filtration is running in the studio 24/7.

We hope this information is helpful to you in making informed decisions about your attendance. Your safety is our utmost concern. Our mission is to provide healing and wellness to all. 

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